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Have you bought a landed property in Singapore??

And now you are planning to move into it??

But first, congratulation on the big achievement because buying landed property in Singapore is not easy. So, first, celebrate your big achievement and then move on to your
HDB renovation Singapore.

The biggest advantage of owning a landed property is you can renovate it according to your needs or wish. Whether it’s knocking down a wall or changing the façade, you can do it all without any hesitation.

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So, if you are looking forward to landed property renovation Singapore before moving in, here are a few landed property renovation tips that you must consider.


The first thing you should consider renovating or checking is the structure of your house. That includes water piping, drainage system, electrical wiring, soundproofing, and waterproofing of your house. If the structure of your house is not good, no matter how expensive and stylish renovation you do, all will go away in a bad moment.

So, make sure that your drainage system is functional and your house will not drown in rain, your soundproofing is good, electrical wiring is good, water pipes are in good condition and not leaking, and so on. And the best way of doing it is by hiring an expert to do the inspection and diagnosis.


Who doesn’t like a well-lit and well-ventilated house?? And for that, you will need big windows.

If your house has smaller windows, replace them with big windows. They not only provide you with lighting and air but also make your home feel bigger. However, make sure to install translucent solar between the glasses because the more light comes into your home the warmer it will get.

The solar translucent film will stop UV Rays from entering the house and it will not get warm in summers.


If you want to change the entire look of your home, consider changing your house façade. It might be an expensive option but it will completely change the way your house looks.

If you want a simple and conventional look, plaster finish paint is a good option. But, if you are looking for something sassy, how about marble or granite?? Marble and granite cladding not only gives an aesthetically pleasing look to your home but also protects your home from extreme weather conditions. As it is a natural material, it will protect your home from rain, heat, frost damages, and calamities.

Wood cladding is another popular option but they require high maintenance.


If you are adding a floor, the location of the stair entirely depends on the columns and beams in your home. And you can choose the style of stairs depending on the space you have. However, you can always turn boring stairs into attractive and stylish ones with a little renovation.

You can paint them in piano keys colors to give a unique and stylish look, or you can opt to replace the railing with stylish ones. Installing LED strips on stairs is also a stylish and widely used method to style up your stairs nowadays.


If you have a big house or a small outside place, consider planting some plants. You can either use pots or if possible, plant in the ground. Green space will give you a cozy place to relax and beautiful and fragrant flowers will also add to the aesthetics of your home.

Moreover, a green space also offers great health benefits, it provides you fresh space, reduces the temperature, and improves your productivity and concentration also. So, whether it's an empty corner or an outside space, get some plants to add to the beauty of your home.


Choosing the wall colors of your home depends entirely on your likeness and dislikeness. However, there are some recommendations and suggestions we can provide you.

Warm color palettes may seem to be a good idea in adding colors to your home and making them feel warm and cozy, but they will make your room feel smaller. So, if you have small rooms, we recommend using light colors like off-white, light blue, or light green to make it feel brighter and bigger.

You might be thinking off white, light blue, or light green are such boring colors. But don’t worry!! You can always compliment it with a bright color accent wall, or bright colour furniture to add some colors to your room.​


Hiring an expert renovation contractor is always the best option when it comes to home renovation. Renovation contractors have a team of experts at their hand and whatever may be the scope of your project, their team will handle it professionally. Moreover, they know which material is suitable for your house and where to find quality material at cheap prices. In short, you can trust renovation contractors for your house renovations.

So, if you need a renovation contractor in Singapore, consider 
Posh Living. We have a team of specialists, designers, project managers, and carpentry crew who will make sure your house is renovated just the way you want it to. Feel free to contact us for more information.​ Your BTO flat, Posh Living is here to help you. Our team of expert interior designers will design a bespoke design that is just what you need. Click here to book an appointment.​