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1. Go For Full-Length Windows

If you have a garden or patio, full-length windows are a must-have. It will give a spacious feel to your room and will also bring you closer to nature. All you need is glass windows and you can enjoy the seamless transition from indoor to outdoor, and you can also enjoy the scenic garden view even when the windows are closed.

Moreover, full-length windows are great for energy-saving purposes. They will give you free and undisturbed access to fresh air and you can save on your energy bills by cutting down light usage during the day.

2. Have the Same Flooring

Same flooring plan for the entire landed property. Sounds crazy right?

Well, landed properties generally have open flooring and for open flooring experts recommend the same flooring for the entire property. It not only creates a neat and tidy look but also gives a grand look to your home. However, some flooring may seem autonomous. But you can always tone it down with the use of carpets and rugs.

If you are thinking about which flooring to go for, hardwood flooring is the best and will add value to your home. However, the budget can be an issue with hardwood floorings. If that’s the case, you can go for lamination, wood-look tiles, or vinyl plank are your best options. They are cheap and gives you a woody look to your home.

3. Mix Patterns and Textures

Mix and match is the new trend. You might think that you should choose one symmetry, texture, or style for one room and leave the rest for other rooms. But you're wrong here. There is no hard and fast rule for
landed property interior design Singapore. If you like contemporary and traditional both, you can always mix match. Choose a contemporary wall design and go for traditional furnishing or vice versa.

The same goes for textures and patterns. Mix and match the patterns and textures or go wild with them. Do whatever seems good to you. It’s your home and it should speak your style.

4. Invest in Good Furniture

Whether you want to lend your landed property or you want to live in it, furnishing your landed property would give a luxury feel to it. Landed properties are big so you should opt for large yet stylish and comfortable furniture.

If you have a small family of two, a two-seater sofa or couch would be enough for your living room. Otherwise, you can go for 3-seaters or L-shaped sofas or you can even choose leather recliners. They are grand yet give a stylish and comfortable feel to your room. Similarly, if you have dark or bright walls, choose subtle colours for your furniture. And if they are light coloured, go bright with your furniture choices.

5. Brighten Up your walls

Your walls grab the instant attention of your visitors. That is why we recommend you brighten up your walls. It will instantly transform your room and give it a lively feeling. However, bright yellow, pink, or blue walls do not suit everyone’s style. But you can choose the symmetrical design, accent wall colour, or wood paneling to enhance the aesthetics of your room.

6. Accessorize your home

May it is wall hangings or pots and lamps in the corner of your room, these accessories make your landed property feel like home. Mirrors are large and match everyone's taste and also, they look good. But they come in a variety of shapes and styles, so choose the one that matches your landed property interior design Singapore.

Secondly, if you are a collector or have a sense of art collections, displaying artworks in your home would add uniqueness to your home. It will stand out and your visitors will remember your home with that piece of art.

7. Pay attention to the kitchen

While doing
landed renovation Singapore or landed property interior design, the kitchen is the room that is often left out because of budget or lack of interest. The kitchen is the soul of your home. You cook here, you eat here, and you spend some quality time here with your family. So, it should be designed to save you time and make it an easy-going happy place for you.

Open, parallel, island, u-shaped, straight, or L-shaped, you have plenty of options for kitchen design. So choose wisely while you’re landed property renovation Singapore or consult an interior design for a professional opinion.

8. How About a garden with a pond?

Do you fancy a tea by a pond?

Well, if you have the budget and space in your landed property, a garden with a pond is the fanciest and luxurious thing to have in your home. You can also add a pebble bath and nice wooden lawn furniture to add to the luxury.

9. Hire Interior Designers

Lastly, there is no harm to opt for landed property interior design Singapore. A professional interior designer would help you to put everything together and yet make your home look eye-catching and appealing to others.

And for that
Posh Living is your best option. From interior renovation to interior design we are capable of completely transforming your landed property. Our team comprises well-versed designers, experienced project managers, and skilled carpentry crews whose first priority is to provide you bespoke services. So, what are you waiting for? Click Here to get in touch with our representative. Type your paragraph here.

Full Length Windows


Do you want to upgrade your landed property? Or do you want to lend it for some extra income?

Whatever the reason is, landed property interior design Singapore will definitely transform the look and feel of your landed property. From choosing the colours for your walls to buying the right furniture, there is a lot that needs to be done while interior designing. So, here are a few tips to help you redecorate your home.