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Before getting to the renovation process, make sure to discuss your budget, as you wouldn't want to run to the point where you no longer have funds to complete your renovation. So, it's wiser to tell the team about your budget to be on the safe side, as they will use materials accordingly to meet your goals in the stated budget. 

​Discuss your ideas with them and how you want your place to look so that they can give you a rough estimation.

Choose The Right Contractors.

Scope of HDB Renovation 

Set A Timeline

We believe in principles of details, and you will see it yourself. The finishing of our work is unmatchable. You will be satisfied to see the final and contemporary look we give to your flat. We are aware of the HDB renovation restrictions in Singapore, making sure to work within them.

Once the job is done, we provide cleaning services, so your home is in spick and span condition for you to move in.

To have a better idea of our work, check the pictures on our website.

Have you made up your mind already to turn your dull and boring space into something new and exciting? Don't wait anymore and get it done; we are one call away. Contact us now to get the dream renovation of your HDB flat in Singapore. 

It is the most crucial step you must do your homework before trusting the ones with your flat. Always go for professionals as they have experts for doing this job with years of experience. 

To have a flat of your dreams, materials must furnish and finishes all are in line. Also, decide the color scheme and theme that would go with your accessories and furniture aesthetic. After all, the selection of the right elements will make or break the vibe of your flat. 

​If you are too confused about deciding or don't have enough time, leave it up to us. We have a team of designers to do this job for you, so don't hesitate to get their opinions and recommendations.

Having your HDB flat in Singapore is a great achievement. And the best part is that you can turn HDB interior design Singapore, just as you like. As you own the place, you can renovate it to suit your taste and comfort. 

​Is it your first time buying an HDB flat, and you are clueless about HDB renovation Singapore? Well, worry not. You must give this article a read, and you will get answers to most of your questions.


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No matter what you decide to do, it requires a plan, similar to the case of HDB renovation Singapore. Discuss your flat's space and allow the interior designer to take a tour of your flat so he can have a better idea about the space, your lifestyle, and preferences. Tell them about what you have in mind or how you wish to see your flat. So you get everything done according to your expectations.

Set a timeline for renovation so you can stay on track to meet the dates. Plan a renovation timeline with your contractors to work efficiently to give you the results in a specified time.

Calculate Renovation Budget

Complete Guide To HDB

To get the best out of your renovation process, make sure to hire professionals and discuss everything with them before starting of renovation. 


How Do We Work? 

HDB Renovations At Posh Living 

Posh Living brings you intelligent space-saving solutions for your HDB flats. We love design challenges, and we have done countless HDB renovations in Singapore. We know how renovations can be tiring; that's why we are here for you, managing the whole process so you can stay stress-free. We are best at what we do, and we say without a doubt that you will be amazed to see the results after renovation.

HDB Interior Design Singapore 

Select Interior Of  Your HDB Flat

A Complete Guide To HDB Interior Design And Renovation – Singapore!

You can ask your relatives or friends if they ever had experience with any. Or, if you are searching online, don't forget to check about the reviews, which will give you a much better idea about their services.

Posh living love to renovate your space and has been doing it for years. Come to us and let us do the magic, and we will make you fall in love with your place. 

It determines the amount of work required and the services you wish to avail, i.e., wall painting, carpentry, and wall removal. It also gives you an idea of how much renovation will cost you. 

What To Consider Before Getting HDB Renovation Singapore? 

Interior designers provide you with ideas about what you can do with this limited space. So you must consider hiring them. Renovation is something to be enjoyed. It can be a rewarding journey or a nightmare; it depends upon your selection. 

​Posh Living understands your needs, and we provide interior designers consultancy, so you don't have to waste your time searching for one. We are a one-stop solution for your renovation needs. We help you in achieving a balanced HDB interior design in Singapore. 

​The members of our teamwork effortlessly help you meet your dream renovation.

Where To Look For Trusted Contractors? 

HDB interior design Singapore can be pretty challenging as the space is limited. Only experts with years of experience can do justice with your space and keep a balance between aesthetic and functionality. Your time and money are equally important, so choose wisely before getting into business with anyone because you may not want to end up regretting it. 

Should You Hire An Interior Designer?