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Residential condos are often smaller than the typical single-family home, which presents several space-related problems. You can use a few techniques to make the space you have to feel and look bigger than it is while creating the condo of your dreams. To assist buyers and owners make the most of their condo space throughout the decorating and design stage, keep reading for four condo design recommendations. A professional interior design firms can do Condominium interior design Singapore.

Eliminate Clutter Using Secret Storage

Clutter is the number one factor in making rooms appear more minor, but there are several creative methods to store and arrange trinkets and other items that owners want to have close at hand. Here are some suggestions for places in a condo where you can build hidden storage, ranging from shelving and drawers to fold-away furniture.

Think about using coffee tables or benches with a top that conceals storage. For additional seating and a footrest, these are great in living areas. They can be used to keep pillows, extra linens, and other objects that clog up space in corridors or at the foot of a bed. A wall bed that folds into the wall when not in use is something to consider purchasing. Purchasing a bed foundation with pull-out drawers is an additional choice.

Condo owners can increase storage space by creating a storage area out of an accent wall by adding shelving units. These can hold books, other cookware, photo displays, or potted plants. Utilizing any available space under stairwells, where shelves or additional cabinets can be constructed, can provide more storage for items like pet supplies, seasonal clothing, or anything else that needs to be hidden. Some inventive property owners even convert their stairwell steps into pull-out drawers for other secret hiding places. One advantage of purchasing a condo over renting one is that owners have more latitude for remodelling. A condo interior design Singapore can help you through this.

Choose the Proper Colors

Light or pale colours cause walls to visibly recede, giving rooms the illusion of being more significant than they are. Paint colours can also make a space appear smaller or larger. If white walls are not desired, lighter colours with blue undertones, such as lavender, grey, and green, may be ideal. Look for those with low intensity and cool colour temperature.

In enclosed spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, some condo owners paint the walls and ceiling the same colour. With this method, areas are open to the eye's movement rather than having breakdowns in contrast, which can make rooms appear smaller. To create magic in one's home with a clever colour scheme, one does not need to be an expert painter.

Mirrors can bring light to dim spaces and create the appearance of more space in a home. However, methods involving size, positioning, and frame selection are more successful in reaching this objective. As a general rule, more extensive, gigantic mirrors enhance space in condos. This effect can also be enhanced by other surfaces that reflect light, such as glass tables or glossy finishes.

Mirrors should be placed in the middle at eye level, with simple frames to increase the sensation of visual space. Strategic lighting fixtures that increase room brightness while providing depth can enhance the impact of mirrors.

The Use of Large Furniture and Decorative Elements should not be Avoided.

The condo may appear smaller if enormous furniture and decorations are used, although this is not always the case when they serve as focal points. For instance, a single substantial sectional sofa can make a place feel comfortable, whereas several chairs and a couch require more floor space and appear congested. A sofa with a fold-away bed that can be used as extra sleeping space for guests or as a hangout area during marathon movie evenings is a worthwhile investment.

A large rug can unify a crowded space, and the addition of smaller rugs can create zones, such as a side office built in the living room or dining area. Large-scale art can become the focal point of a wall and bring character to the apartment while expanding the sense of space.

If the kitchen has a pantry, make the most of it by adding extra shelves and hanging baskets over the door to store spices or cleansers and free up cabinet space. It's a relatively straightforward DIY job for most people, and there are wall mounts that extend from floor to ceiling.

Use the Vertical Space in the Condo Wisely.

We've talked about installing shelving along walls, but adding a full-wall bookcase to the living room draws the eye upward, heightening the space, and it may display a range of items owners wish to show off. If the top shelves are out of reach, a built-in ladder will make accessing them simple.

There isn't room for a complete dinner table? Look at folding tables and chairs that may be hung on the wall, as well as folding tables with drop leaves. Use the tops of kitchen cupboards to store things like paper towels and small appliances.

Garages are infamous for cluttering, but with vertical storage cabinets or a DIY ceiling sliding storage system that frees up floor space, there can still be room for automobiles. Remember that laundry rooms have flip-down shelves that can be used for folding garments. Detergents and other laundry supplies can be stored in a small behind-the-door storage system. When integrated into an existing wall, these become even more practical.


Finding some additional storage space in a condo isn't as difficult as it may appear with these simple tips. You can find many practical products like furniture, rugs, and supplies at speciality shops, big-box merchants, and even secondhand shops. Several easy DIY solutions can provide more locations to hide stuff and lessen clutter.

Of course, several local condo interior design Singapore can help with trickier jobs like custom shelves and built-ins. Verify any potential outside contractors' references and reviews before agreeing to a contract for their services. Ensure that any envisioned alterations do not conflict with the areas that the condo association is in charge of.

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