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Lighter shades:

For the walls and flooring, stay with light, delicate colors like white or beige. Dark colors tend to shrink objects and absorb heat, neither of which are qualities we want in humid Singapore. Similar to clothing, wearing darker colors makes you appear smaller (slimmer). Go light to seem larger.

Horizontal stripes:

Wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes, as the adage goes, to seem taller and thinner.
Again, the same principles apply here. If possible, choose a carpet with vertical stripes since they give the impression that the space is larger.

Gloomy ceilings:

Everything is about contrast. Combine a deeper tone for your ceiling with light-colored walls and flooring. A room gains height when ceiling lights with features are used because they lead the eye higher. An easy but clever trick! 

Use stark whites or dark, rich colors to contrast in your living room to give the impression of a larger area and add depth.

We aim to design the room of your dreams, but with a daring and unexpected twist. We can demonstrate that we created it all thanks to our experience.


In addition to being a fantastic investment, the mirror also serves as a light reflector.
The room will appear larger if it is placed immediately across from a window because light will reflect off the mirror and into the space.

Because they reflect light and provide the appearance of depth, mirrors are an important piece of furniture in a home because they make a room appear much larger than it is. Choose a few modest mirrors clustered together or a statement mirror that adds the poshness to your home if you are still designing your home or are just plain bored during this circuit breaker month.

We consistently use the most sophisticated, stylish materials to adorn and create houses.

Featured piece:

Less may be more. A room seems cluttered and cramped if there are too many pieces of furniture in it. A single huge sofa or a wall painting would work well.

Invest in pieces of furniture that may serve many purposes, like a bed that doubles as storage space. This enables you to make the most of your available space and store all of the objects in a location where no one can see them. 

Most essential, clear your home every few months to keep it organized and ready for any unannounced guests from friends or family. While you're here, have a look at how to fit a walk-in closet into a small space or how to stage a house photo shoot that will go viral.

With the best HDB interior design Singapore, you will never have to worry about your home aging, a problem that many homeowners worry about. Our classic designs can give your house a new appearance for years to come while still offering a glimpse into contemporary elegance.

Monochrome is your way:

Monochrome is your best option if you believe that beige or white walls are too monotonous for your personality.

Since your eyes won't be able to distinguish where the walls finish and begin, using several tones of one color will softly extend a space. Avoid using a single huge light fixture since it will concentrate all the light in one area. Instead, use a few bulbs so that the light is dispersed around the space.

Build shelves that reach the ceiling:

Installing floor-to-ceiling shelves can give your HDB or BTO apartments a higher-looking ceiling. What's best? Additionally, these shelves serve a variety of useful purposes and are excellent for storage which saves space. Elevate the area in your apartment while storing your books and shoe boxes in compact storage containers.

The room appears larger when there are little gaps between your sofa and the wall. And there is no cost to you whatsoever! However, if you do have some extra cash, get a couch with legs. It produces compact areas.


There are several questions you have after buying your brand-new property. Before you can make the best choice, you must think about and pay attention to several technical factors in addition to the aesthetic one.

True to its name, our HDB renovation company in Singapore specializes in converting any sort of residence—HDB, condo, landed property, you name it—into a beautiful living environment.

One of life's significant moments is the day you move into your BTO apartment, a milestone that some millennials haven't yet attained.

But the fact that dwellings are growing smaller and smaller is not a secret.

You probably already have the apartment. Why not give the impression that your home is much larger through a planned BTO renovation Singapore than it truly is instead of scowling and moaning?

Singapore may be constrained by its physical location, but our creativity is not. At Posh Living, we are certain that we can revamp any living area to an unimaginable degree. Leave the labor-intensive task to your Singapore renovation firm! 

Allow us to make your property into a home; all you have to do is sit back, unwind, and take pleasure in the results.

However, here are a few renovation and interior design ideas that will make your HBD BTO look bigger and more charming.

Room Bto Interior Design

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