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The costs of refurbishing a house can add up to perhaps as much as the renovation itself. It may be tempting to have that fancy designer armchair or that solid wood wardrobe in your home, but is that piece of furniture really necessary if it stretches your budget?

Remember that it is better to do a great job renovating one room than to spread your resources too thin on renovating the entire house! Besides, the rooms you leave aside for the near future can always be renovated to your liking later on, but it can be much most costly and difficult to undo the damage of a half-hearted renovation. Drafting a renovation plan can help to provide a realistic view of the expenses you should expect so that you’ll go into the renovation knowing how much is too much.

Understandably, many clients ask us if it is possible to carry out a house renovation in Singapore while on a tight budget. We would like to assure you that you definitely can! In this article, take some tips from the best renovation company in Singapore on how you can keep your home renovation costs to a minimum and still enjoy the dream house that you’ve always wanted.

A house renovation in Singapore is a major task most people find themselves dealing with at least once. Unfortunately, while a major renovation may be an exciting endeavour, it is usually a costly one. Most new homeowners may even find themselves strapped for funds when they have to fork out a substantial sum for renovation works in addition to the cost of purchasing their new home. If you have a house renovation in Singapore, most people would definitely advise you to get tens of thousands of dollars ready for financing your project.

Clean Up Your House

One of the best ways you can save on your home renovation – not just in monetary value but also in time – is to plan exactly what you are looking to renovate before getting in touch with your contractor or interior designer. Many people may believe that a house renovation in Singapore entails revamping the entire place. However, this can hurt your wallet if you are tight on funds, not to mention unnecessary in most cases.

Be Cost-savvy With Furniture

Budget Your House Renovation

Fortunately, there are many alternatives for quality furniture out there that won’t come nearly as close in pricing. Try checking out some budget furniture stores, especially those with do-it-yourself items, which tend to be cheaper than pre-built items. Shopping online is also a great way to snag some excellent deals on quality furniture.

We often find a lot of clutter when it’s time to renovate a house. If you have household items and old furniture all over the house, it may be a good time to do some spring cleaning before your renovation! By throwing away, recycling or selling unused items, you may be surprised how much space there really is in your home once all the clutter is gone. With the entire space available in mind, it might then be easier to work on your renovation plan. What’s best is that cleaning up your home is completely free!

In addition to financial expenses, a house renovation will also likely be costly in terms of time required. A typical renovation tends to take several weeks to complete, even just for a small HDB flat. During this time, you will not be able to live in your home, which means that you will either have to move in with family or friends, or end up renting temporary accommodation – which will of course incur additional expenses.

Another option would be to shop second-hand, which can allow you to get that item you really want at a steep discount. If you look in the right places, it is definitely possible to spruce up your home with some great-looking furniture without spending an exorbitant amount!

Plan Your Renovation Beforehand

How to Budget Your House Renovation in Singapore

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Instead, you could list down the different areas of your home that you plan on renovating. Which ones are more important and which can you forgo for the time being? Perhaps renovating that bedroom is just an extra touch and is not absolutely necessary for now. The key is to set your priorities so that you are still able to achieve your desired home makeover without breaking the bank. Once you have your plan, decide on a feasible budget according to the extent of your desired renovation.

Additionally, it is a good idea to look at the material of the furniture when considering a purchase. Although budget furniture may not exactly come close to that solid-wood piece in terms of workmanship and quality, they can still look just as good and function just as well, while helping you to stay within your house renovation budget.