If you want to purchase a house in Singapore, it will be the most costly choice you will ever make. PRO LIVING can understand why you want to make your home as attractive as possible in light of your professional endeavors. Renovations in Singapore, on the other hand, are incredibly costly for the average person to afford.

"PRO LIVING" is a reputable home remodeling business, who has successfully worked with budgets ranging from the smallest to the largest. Your renovation costs may be calculated precisely with your interior design plans. Following that, we also assess which remodeling options best suits your personal preferences, aesthetic standards, and financial constraints.

The process of remodeling a condominium differs significantly from the process of renovating an HDB BTO unit. There are a variety of rules to follow, which may be overwhelming. At POSH LIVING, we are aware of and adhere to the norms and regulations that must be followed for both types of renovations while also providing high-quality work.

POSH LIVING thrives on a good design challenge. In Singapore, any HDB BTO or condominium refurbishment is considered a significant effort. Innovative space-saving solutions and attractive interior design allow us to transform tired HDB/condominium flats into bright and energizing apartments.

We strive to make the renovation as stress-free as possible for you. The construction process is thorough, beginning with creating an original design, then creating plan drawings and color boards. Our expert team consisting of designers, project managers, and construction workers keep everything organized and operates smoothly. This is done to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with the design visualization and job quality. ​​To complete your HDB BTO apartment or Condominium renovation smoothly, you must be informed of the many steps involved in home renovations.

Allow us to collaborate with you to make your condo/ HDB BTO Singapore a better place to live!

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Are you on a shoestring budget but still searching for a quality service for your HDB BTO or condo renovation Singapore? Don't worry. With the proper cost-cutting tactics, you may still go all out on your new home with POSH LIVING.

Either you have your old condominium or an HDB BTO flat that you own, renovation is the most required task every few years. Renovating keeps the house functional and helps tell the narrative of the neighborhood and the people who live there. Hiring only those listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors is essential when looking for a renovation contractor for HDB - BTO or condo renovation Singapore.

Renovation is a critical component of any HDB, much more so if acquiring a brand new flat. The apartment may be missing the interior furnishings you like, or it may seem to be excessively plain and uninteresting. Regardless of the reason, you should include the cost of refurbishing when purchasing an HDB. Fortunately, 
HDB BTO renovation does not have to be unreasonably expensive in Singapore.

HDB BTO Renovation:

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Condo Renovation Singapore:

Contact POSH LIVING for your ultimate HDB BTO renovation solution!

HDB flats are comfortable, practical, and inexpensive, and this is why HDB refurbishment is one of the most requested services. HDB residents want their home to reflect their tastes. So they hire HDB contractors to renovate their property and make it more appealing. POSH LIVING has extensive expertise in HDB interior design, and we can help you with a modest job or a whole unit refurbishment. A gorgeous house may be created with our HDB interior design & remodeling service in Singapore. Here are the primary considerations before starting HDB BTO renovation:

  • HDB BTO renovation typically takes 10 to 12 weeks to complete, after which up to 90%-95% of the money is due. The average cost of an HDB renovation is about $25,000 for a homeowner, and a lot is dependent on the size of the HDB and how much work you have to put it.
  • Don't forget that your statutory HDB fire insurance usually does not cover furniture or renovations, so be sure to budget for that as well.
  • You can also apply for a renovation loan from your bank. Due to banks' understanding that you have an asset (your home) and desire to raise its value, the interest rate on a renovation loan is lower than that of a personal loan. Some restrictions apply to the money but be cautious to examine the costs before signing anything with the bank.
  • Choosing a trustworthy and affordable contractor is the most critical decision to make. POSH LIVING, a reliable and budget-friendly interior design firm, offers more customized options at a lower cost.

Whether new or resale, Condo renovation Singapore is substantially more complex than HDB renovations, owing to the significantly more significant expenditure. We know that the developer has to follow all applicable rules and guidelines. Before considering hiring a remodeling company to work on your condominium unit, keep the following points in mind:

  • This is a housing restriction in Singapore that you may only be allowed to make changes to certain parts of your house. Contact your condo's management staff before making any changes.
  • Due to the inclusion of standard kitchen and bathroom fixtures in newer condos, remodeling costs are lower. Pre-installing these fixtures may save you money if you're not picky and don't mind leaving them as-is. When retrofitting a historic flat, hacking and camouflage work are often required, which increases the difficulty.
  • You must clearly understand the kind of house and style you desire before beginning the restoration process. You can check out our incredible interior design portfolio also for even more design ideas and inspiration.


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