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The interior design specifies the construction of the most efficient layout or style to make the best out of a space or location potential in terms of its usability and beauty.

But, having a nice-looking space is only one aspect of interior design. It's crucial to embrace your life, your unique identity, and all of your core principles. When done well, interior design may have a significant impact on our lives.

Nonetheless, there are many instances in which the interior design of your condo apartments plays a crucial role. The interior decor of a condominium unit may significantly improve the moods of the tenants while also making the most use of the space available.

Every step of your condominium interior design Singapore is handled by Posh Living. From the creation of the first concept through the handover of finished projects, plan drawings, color board preparation, and construction itself. 

Our specialized staff, which consists of designers, project managers, and carpentry teams, has this well organized and under control. This is done to make sure that the design visualization and overall quality of the job are both finished to our client's satisfaction. ​​

 Going with neutrals could be a smart choice if you're unsure of the theme you want. This will offer you many options later on when choosing accent items and color splashes.

Let's get started with the best condo interior design ideas now.



Room Bto Interior Design

Light or pastel colors cause walls to visibly recede, giving rooms the illusion of being larger than they are. Paint colors may also make a space appear smaller or larger. If white walls are not desired, lighter colors with blue undertones, such as lavender, gray, and green, may be ideal. Look for those with a low intensity and cool color temperature.

In enclosed spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, some condo owners paint the walls and ceiling the same color. Using this method, areas are open to the eye's movement rather than having breakdowns in contrast, which can make rooms appear smaller. To create the best condo interior design Singapore with a clever color scheme, one does not need to be an expert painter.

Our specialization is producing one-of-a-kind, imaginative, and cutting-edge designs that are customized to your personality, way of life, and hobbies. We establish the newest trends rather than following them. Our guiding principle is to use a space's inherent features to highlight its inner beauty in a showcase of contemporary luxury. 

Whether it's a little room or a large house, new or used, contemporary or traditional, you can count on our interior design experts to go to work and transform it into a stunning example of everlasting beauty. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we handle the difficult and labor-intensive task. 


Most individuals are unaware of their clutter levels or the extent to which it affects them. They believe that retaining everything is a good idea in case it turns out to be valuable. They are unaware of the sluggish energy that builds up around these objects, which results in a matching stagnation in their lives and a sense of being trapped.

Think of seats or coffee tables with drawers underneath the top. They work well as footrests and additional seats in living areas. These may be used to keep pillows, spare linens, or any other cluttered goods in corridors or at the foot of beds. Consider purchasing a wall bed in the Murphy design that can be folded into the wall when not in use.

In addition to outstanding work, we pledge to deliver more. Our staff works directly with you every step of the way, from concept to handover, making sure that you are entirely pleased with our suggestions before beginning the job. We go above and beyond to understand our customers' needs and provide solutions that take everything into account.


The apartment may appear smaller if enormous furniture and decorations are used, although this is not always the case when they serve as focal points.

A sofa and coffee table may be used to design a tiny living area. If necessary, you may also install a TV stand. Also, a compact kitchen will only require a few pieces of furniture. A small island with a counter top for food preparation can be added to the kitchen. You will require a table with seats and a few cabinets for the kitchen. Although a bed and nightstands may be placed in a tiny bedroom, the space can also be used as an office or study space.

Make sure there is enough light in each area of your house to give the impression that it is larger. Adding windows, skylights, fixtures, and lighting will help you achieve this.

Our interior design company has worked with many customers to realize their ideas in a range of homes and workplaces. To see what we have accomplished for clients just like you, have a peek at the outstanding collection of projects in our portfolio. Browse through our happy clients' reviews to discover more about what they have to say and how we helped them get their dream houses delivered to their doorsteps.