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​​Furnishings with a wood texture or in a vintage design

The Scandinavian aesthetic is characterised by wooden or rustic-style furnishings and the floor. Think Ikea-sourced wooden tables and cabinets, potted plants, exposed brick walls, and the sporadic chic lamp or earthen pot serving as a decorative focal point. Don't go overboard, though, and make your HDB interior design look like a mediaeval cottage or an outback ranch. If the floor already has a wood-textured finish, you may soften the rustic vibe by adding contemporary designer lights or a colourful bookcase to change the pattern. We hire a designer to create the complete room, including the style and concept and execute our construction.

Lighting of HDB

A room's style factor can be increased by using the proper lighting, which also brightens the space. The doors leading into the bathroom's space are made to look like rustic barn doors, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of this area of the house. An ample amount of storage, good lighting, and a sizable mirror to ensure you look your best in the morning are all things a homeowner needs in a bathroom.​

Living Room Design

Use something straightforward and practical to divide your eating area from the living area, like the decor in this living room. The partition serves as a temporary table, a bookcase, and support for the loft steps. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

It's best to keep the décor in the kitchen simple and valuable. The kitchen is where the food is made. Therefore, the interior decor must be contemporary, minimalist, and arranged to make kitchen utensils and appliances easily accessible. A brand-new countertop or backsplash in the kitchen can radically change how it looks. The same holds genuine whether new cabinets are installed, or old ones are renovated. Simply sand, paint, or varnish them to make old cabinets look brand new again. Choose built-in cabinets if you want to create additional room in the kitchen and make it appear larger. New or overlay tiles, a shower curtain, a vanity cabinet, and painted HDB large pipes in the bathroom can all be highlighted to fit the motif.

Utilise glass partitions

Consider utilising glass partitions if you want to make a room larger but still value privacy. Choose a translucent room divider instead of an opaque one to make the space appear larger while keeping the area contained for private usage. It is a terrific way to divide a study or workspace from the living room without sacrificing the room's aesthetic appeal. Play with the design, make the area bigger and brighter using mirrors, etc.​

Kitchen Design for HDB

The perfect kitchen should be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. For instance, room for a built-in oven where you may grill your preferred chicken. A tiny countertop where you may make a salad and cut tomatoes. Your modest HDB kitchen can seem enticing, marinated with wonderful memories of cooking dinner for the kids, even though it doesn't look like renowned chef Gordon Ramsey (too pretentious for my taste).

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas

Surprisingly, some people are reluctant to spend a lot of money renovating their bedrooms because they believe guests won't be able to see them. Right? Wrong. Even so, you should ensure your bedroom is still somewhat cosy because you spend eight hours there sleeping (for the lucky few). Read more. Google it. Choose the HDB bedroom design ideas that most appeal to you. Do not go over budget. Otherwise, you'll have sleepless nights instead of an excellent night's sleep. HDB 5 room resale renovation is important.

Grab HDB interior design inspiration from Scandinavia

In my opinion, this style is simply ideal for HDB apartments. Consider Scandinavian interior design as a hybrid of over-the-top luxury and minimalism. Nevertheless, most of the furniture is made of beautiful wood, surrounded by beige walls and wood floors, giving the room a cosy and welcoming appearance. Your coffee table is next to a little standing lamp, and the living room is decorated with a substantial white area rug. Okay, I think you get the idea.

Modern Design Ideas for HDB

Using the colour blue in a subtle yet striking way helps to capture the feeling of luxury. Several interior design components create a posh feel in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, all in an open-concept living space. In this magnificent room, a touch of navy blue in the cabinets strikes the perfect combination of richness and intensity, complementing the kitchen countertops' opulently marble-tiled surfaces. In a relaxed and cosy setting, a crisp white aesthetic enhanced by matching marble worktops and tiles undoubtedly emphasises a timeless, opulent vibe.


There is no delete option for renovation. There is no going back once the deposit has been paid and your interior designer has purchased the materials. Always make sure that the HDB remodelling plan you choose fits your budget. The best HDB interior design Singapore typically possesses a substantial portfolio of excellent HDB interior design concepts.

The sheer volume of options available to you while searching for interior design inspiration for your four-room HDB apartments might be overwhelming. In an HDB 5 room resale renovation, various interior design ideas and styles will work nicely. Depending on your needs, there are frequently combinations of two or more design concepts that can also look great.

You are expanding new trends. Mood-altering lighting. Suppose you will call it an epiphany or a sudden flash of creativity. Though inspiration cannot be purchased over the counter, you may consult several top interior designers to get some original HDB remodelling ideas. These ideas can turn drab living quarters into priceless private retreats and infuse your life with an inexplicable joy. As you exit the automobile, go quickly up the stairs, and anticipate returning home each day, you hasten your pace.

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