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While some people choose to handle the planning, legal matters and construction themselves, others find it daunting to fill in so much paperwork and keep track of so many things – the hassle to get your new home prepped up is simply not worth it. Why begin your landed renovation journey alone? Hiring a good landed property renovation Singapore firm ensures that you can have your dream home with all rules and regulations met. Join us for a fuss-free ride towards your ideal landed estate!

Landed Property Renovation in Singapore

If you own a landed property in Singapore, you will definitely be looking to maximise its value. Two common ways to achieve this includes either living in the estate yourself or renting it out to another party. Before the property can be lived in though, it needs to be renovated to include the basic essentials and amenities. Alternatively, you may have already owned your house for some time, but are looking to upgrade its design to a more modern one. You could also be expecting new residents, such as a newborn or elderly. Whichever the case, landed renovation in Singapore is definitely something that every estate owner will have to consider at some point. Here is where any landed property owner will likely be on the lookout for the services of landed property renovation in Singapore. 

landed property renovation singapore

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Landed renovation in Singapore brings endless possibilities. With full control over your property, you could revamp the entire style of your house to suit your taste, whether it is minimalist, traditional, modern, zen or more. Walls can be built or knocked down to create the look you want. Don’t like the existing facilities in your house? You can even reconstruct everything from the bottom! Those with gardens or backyards will have even more choices – perhaps you could build an outdoor pavilion, a pool or a jacuzzi. Of course, the more you renovate, the more complex the project, which means a longer timeframe and higher costs. 

It is no secret that landed property renovation in Singapore is a huge undertaking. Firstly, you have to make sure that any works are approved by the URA. Although landed property renovation is undoubtedly more flexible than HDB or condo renovation, there are still national guidelines that must be followed. It goes without saying that your renovation plans must be within the criteria of the URA. Additionally, depending on your property type and the renovations you want to make, it may be necessary for you to obtain a planning permit. Double check the Planning Permission Exemption List to see if your renovation works are included in this category. If not, you will need to obtain approval from URA certifying that your renovation plans are under the “Additions and Alterations” category for landed properties. That is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting the actual work done. You may need to get contractors from different firms if one does not include some of your plans under their scope of work. 

landed renovation singapore