Posh Living is the bridge that brings your ideas to reality. Why settle for an ordinary room when you can have the home of your dreams? Want a posh mansion or a contemporary penthouse? No problem! Become the subject of others’ envy when you invite your friends and family over. Even if you do not have a clear picture of what you would like your dream home to look like, we are here to the rescue. Tell us what you want to see in your new home, then sit back and allow us to come up with unique designs for you to choose from. Let your home be something you look forward to coming back to every day. With over hundreds of designer homes under our belt, we pride ourselves on being the best renovation company in Singapore and are confident that we will be able to construct a perfect abode in every way.



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Dream Home

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Singapore may be limited by space, but we are not limited by imagination. Given any living space, we are confident in our ability to redesign it beyond reckon. Leave the hard work to your renovation company in Singapore! Allow us to transform your house into a home, while all you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the finished product. Additionally, you will never have to deal with the problem of your house becoming outdated, an issue many homeowners are concerned about. Our lasting timeless designs are proven to give your home a fresh look for years to come, providing a window into modern elegance. Regardless of the current trends, your home’s design will always be relevant and sure to impress others. Having helped redesign plenty of homes, constraints are no obstacle to us in achieving your desired home. As one of the best renovation companies in Singapore, we offer affordable rates, quick timeframes, quality materials and timeless designs to upgrade your home to its highest potential. What more could a homeowner ask for? Take a look at the numerous success stories from our clients who have found their dream homes.

True to our name, our renovation company in Singapore specialises in creating a posh living space out of any type of home – HDB, condo, landed house, you name it. Our ideology is to create an innovative, unique and creative space that brings out the best of every living area and allows you to enjoy every facet of your home to the fullest. We typically work on entire projects from start to finish, including initial concept generation, sketching out plans, preparing colour boards, constructing the actual design and then handing it over once we are completed. To achieve this, our team comprises of a well-rounded mix of designers, project managers and carpentry crews. All renovation work is done by our in-house crew to guarantee the best results. As our many satisfied clients can testify, we are committed to working on every project to the best of our ability and your utmost satisfaction. Additionally, our firm is the proud winner of the Best Scandinavian Design Award in September 2015. Whatever your style is, we’ll find an interior design to match it. Prepare to be blown away by your home’s new look once we are finished with our masterpiece!

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We want to create your ideal room, but give it a risky and unexpe​cted twist.

After you have purchased your brand new home, a million questions come to mind. Besides the aesthetic factor come many technical aspects that you need to consider and pay attention to before you can make the right decision! Watch the video to find out more.

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​The elements we use to accessorize and design homes are always sleek and upscale.

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