You’ve probably heard the term ‘minimalism’ thrown about here and there, particularly in the past few years, but what exactly is it and how can we get the most out of it? Minimalism can be described as the stripping away of all unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there. In this sense, minimalism encourages purpose. While minimalism often appears simple on the outside, a lot of thought, practice and time goes into the production and development of a minimalistic piece. So, here are some ways you can get the most out of minimalism.

Clean Straight Lines
Modern design was meant to be the antithesis of the previous design styles which used heavy textures, carvings and wood tones throughout the home. Therefore, most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, includes clean, straight lines with no additional detail. This differs slightly from contemporary design, which uses curves and sweeping lines; modern design's lines are crisper, sharper and very spare.


When it comes to Scandinavian, simplicity is key. More and more Singaporean homeowners are beginning to adopt this Nordic style because of its understated elegance captured with just a few materials. Natural light, wide open spaces, and white-to-neutral colour palettes – what’s not to love? Feel crowded out by the concrete jungle of Singapore? Then the Scandinavian approach was made just for you. Read on to be captivated by especially jaw-dropping designs that take this clean and refreshing approach


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Industrial interior design is about a raw, unfinished look that is functional. While the trend has been around for years, it is still relatively new in the home decor world. The lovely charm is brought out by dark woods and metals – materials that are often hidden away. This design speaks to self-made individuals as well as homeowners looking for practicality.



What Does it Take to Be CaseTrust Accredited?