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A built-to-order (BTO) flat is becoming one of the most affordable and accessible housing options for a newlywed couple. If you and your partner have recently acquired the keys to your new home, congratulations! The house is officially yours, but how or when does it become a home? What kind of renovations will you need?

One of the most important considerations for many homeowners seeking BTO renovation in Singapore is the cost. Buying a new flat has likely already taken up a huge portion of your finances. How much more can be spent on renovation? Is it even possible to make a BTO look decent on a budget without having to settle for broken second-hand furniture? 

Well, the costs of HDB BTO renovation can easily rack up if you are not looking in the right places. If you find yourself spending anywhere in the realm of $50,000 on renovating your BTO, stop right there! A decent BTO renovation should cost no more than $20,000 – and that’s on the high end for a 5-room flat. If done right, renovation for a BTO should not set you back more than a few thousand – and that is a huge difference. What is the best way to maximise your savings on BTO renovation in Singapore? Before purchasing anything for your home makeover, it is good to do some planning and list down what you need to get, as well as any workers you need to hire. Set a budget and do a breakdown of your expected costs. If your totals exceed your budget, backtrack and see which component costs the most. Many times, this is usually the flooring or wall paint, which you can easily find cheaper alternatives for. Be sure to confirm that any contractors are licensed by HDB and their works fall under the guidelines for your BTO, or you could find all your funds put to waste if your renovation works are considered unauthorised and you have to take them down.

Even easier, enlist our help for your BTO renovation, where everything you need is already prepared and ready, ensuring that you do not miss out anything in your new home. When you choose one of our BTO renovation packages, we show you a complete breakdown of all costs incurred and allow you to decide if it is worth your money. We can offer our services at such competitive prices because of our long years in the renovation trade, affording us unique benefits such as knowing where to source the best quality materials at a decent price. Our designers and carpenters are all working within our firm, eliminating the need for you to outsource any work and incur extra costs in the process. Everything you will need to upgrade your BTO’s look is conveniently bundled into our renovation packages, and best of all, you won’t have to do any of the work yourself! Sit back and enjoy the ride as we transform your BTO into the home you deserve.

HDB BTO Renovation in Singapore

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