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William Chew 05 December 2019 (Facebook Review)

Would like to Thank Anthony for his services. We met him through the retail outlet. Compared with a few other IDs and found him to be friendly and responsive although my key collection was 1 year later. He manage to draft out all our ideas and designs and give honest recommendations. Managed to renovate our house in 1month as promised by him. We were very satisfied by his prompt response and willingness to fix any defects immediately. Highly recommend Anthony if you are looking at a reasonable priced and meticulous ID with a reputable company.

Shirley Wong 03 February 2020 (Facebook Review)

Philip has always been very responsive to all our queries, very service oriented. He has given great advise and very detail on what needs to be done on the whole project, especially the after sales service.
Highly recommend.

Angelina Ng 09 August 2020 (Facebook Review)

Wilson has had a proven track record from a few colleagues whom he had rendered his services to.
He is artistic, warm & trustworthy. He is very organized and detailed-oriented and very accommodative to his client’s needs and wants. He was not afraid to give his opinions on our ideas, ensuring that the design of the house was elegant yet practical.
No renovations are without its challenges, but we trusted Wilson’s ability to resolve problems, so much so that we went on a vacation, confident that the renovations were in good hands.
Wilson constantly kept us updated on the progress of the renovations through calls and messages. We were satisfied with the quality of work and workmanship produced by Wilson’s team.
Overall, we are extremely pleased with the service and outcome provided by Wilson, and would not hesitate to recommend him to design and renovate anyones home.
Thanks Wilson.

Chua Yi Zhuang Karina 01 April 2019 (Facebook Review)

It's our pleasure to have Philip Lim as our ID for our first house. As we are unsure with alot of details, he patiently answer to our question and gave alot of suggestion on the design as well as recommending what are the good material to use. Philip always gave us the first hand update irregardless of anything to ease our mind. I would say he is approachable, friendly and professional at the same time.
Our house theme is industrial. We opted cemented flooring as we did not want to opt for any tiles. For our kitchen cupoard, he took his own initiative to come out with the 3D drawing on 1 bottom cupboard and 1 top and bottom cupboard to show us the difference. He assure us the quality as well as the workmanship.
Overall result is what we expected. And i would recommend Philip Lim if you are looking for an ID. 👍

Nour Su 21 February 2020 (Facebook Review)

My husband n I would like to thank Gary for being able to complete our renovation works within 4 weeks despite the long break during CNY.
Prior to engage Gary, we had surveyed other ID..Though the quote was slightly higher, we selected Gary as he was being upfront on the timeline..
Gary estimated the work to be completed 6-8 weeks but the handover was earlier..
In addition, during our meetings he is very focus in explaining and did not rush..
We would like to thank Gary for the service rendered and a smooth handover.

Christopher Lim 16 January 2019 (Facebook Review)

My family and I would like to thank Gary Pang as our interior designer. Our entire home renovation process was pleasant and we had no doubts about our ID at all. Even after sourcing for 3-5 more IDs to compare before the signing of contract, we still chose Gary in the end because he displayed far more effort even before we signed the contract, as compared to other ID firms who put in less effort when they knew that we were meeting multiple IDs. Throughout the renovation, Gary made sure to discuss with us all issues and concerns he had and he also gave us a choice on whether we want to accept his recommendations or recommend our own ideas to him and he will work around them. He's a very trustworthy ID and I even went for 2 overseas trips lasting 3 weeks during my renovation without any worries as Gary will still provide regular updates and site photos as well as any issues that might have occurred. We are very satisfied with his service and his commitment to our project even though he has multiple projects on his plate at any one time. Gary also has a very good sense of colour combination. We highly recommend Gary Pang as an ID. 👍

Steven Goh

Norazhar Hassan (Google Review)

My wife and I were clueless about designing our son's bedroom and our study room. When we walked past the ID outlets at IMM to find a suitable ID, we chanced upon Daphne of Posh Living Interior Design. She was friendly and had a very pleasant charisma.
Initially I did not know how to express my visions on what design I wanted for the two rooms. After consulting with Daphne, she diligently worked up a design with the floor plan. It was amazing to see how fast she came up with a design which was very impressive. Even better than what we had thought we wanted.
During the reno, she displayed great leadership with fantastic coordination which my previous IDs did not possess. She came down to my house on a number of occasions to make sure that the reno was on track and everything ran smoothly. Knowing that we are still residing in our house during the reno, she planned the works so that we could easily keep up with the cleaning.
We are extremely happy with our newly designed rooms as it was beyond our expectations. Her designs were posh with a clean and modern twist.
Daphne has definitely added value to the name of Posh Living Interior Design. We will definitely engage her again and recommend Daphne to our family and friends.

Meeko Lame

Jaslyn Xu 31 December 2019 (Facebook Review)

Is a blessing to have found Philip as our ID during a fair in expo. Couldn't have been further from the truth regarding the negativity that is associated with such fairs. No hard selling, clear explanation and a attentative listener on our very first interaction. Although our renovation is still in process, our experience so far with Philip has been immensely satisfying and worry-free. Philip is very detailed and is able to give good and practical advices and suggestions on our renovation ideas based on his years of experience which young couples and first-time homeowners like us could have missed out. He listens to the wants of us and balance it with practicality. Due to a major design amendment in our master bedroom due to fengshui, He was capable of coming up with new designs and accepting new ideas which we suggested to him. And, throughout this major amendment, Philip still portray a high level of professionalism to cater to our requirements. He is very responsive to all enquiry and always make the effort to understand all issues and solve them. We would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking for an ID.

Lorraine Eltana

Martina Capel 17 September 2019 (Facebook Review)

Excellent! Nur Shafiq did so much with practically no supervision and delivered our cozy home way ahead of expected dateline!
Meticulous and thorough, we did not have to micro manage.
He provided us with daily progress and photos via WhatsApp, answered our 1001 questions promptly, accompanied us shopping and advising us on our flooring, tiles fixtures and fittings, lighting and curtains saving us time and heartaches!
His drawings and mock ups were so detailed, we were very impressed with the outcome!
He has an excellent eye for colour combination and blends, resulting in our warm and cozy home!
We saw close to 8 different IDs. Told all what we wanted, but Shafiq stood out. He listened, advised, accommodated, incorporated our ideas and did not leave anything out, on top of giving us excellent ideas for our renovation!
Well done Nur Shafiq! I am glad we chose to work with you!
Highly recommended!!

Alex Liu 07 November 2019 (Facebook Review)

We were recommended to our I.D, Mr Philip Lim.
Throughout the renovation process, Philip was extremely patient and was always ready to hear us for our opinions and feedback. Responsive as he’s always there to solve any issues that we encounter throughout the renovation. Updates on the progress of the renovation is frequent & he’s always willing to accommodate to our tight work schedules even through his personal time.
We are now proud owners of a beautifully renovated home.

03 March 2020 (Qanvast Review)

Joey Yeong is our ID for our BTO renovation.
She listened to our ideas and shared her thoughts to come out a quotation to start the renovation.
A 3D drawings was presented and she was accommodating for changes before and after renovation started.
She is attentive to material and design for work. Accompanied us for tile selection, buying of bathroom accessories and lighting for the renovation.
She is responsive to our queries and problems before, during and after the renovation.
Overall my wife and I are very happy working with Joey.

Kerh Yichuan 22 June 2019 (Facebook Review)

My wife and I are extremely glad to have engaged Philip Lim as our ID. I think communication, camaraderie and trust are vital elements contributing to a project's success. Philip's role in our renovation project was a Leader, a Listener, and an Executor.
Philip is a leader because of his wealth of experience and was able to lead us in making sound, logical and beneficial decisions for our house layout and design.
Despite his well versed knowledge in renovation, he is a very attentive listener and never fails to consider our inputs. Though he can be quite naggy when we put forth ideas that doesn't sound right, he always emphasizes that our decision is what matters and final.
Most importantly, Philip is an executor. He does what is required of him expeditiously. He always try to accede whatever requests we have which are reasonable. Many at times, he goes over and above to help us even though it might not be within the scope of the contract. This is what one needs in a ID because often times, we do not foresee a requirement upfront before contract signature or certain unexpected issues creep up during renovation. To have an ID who is willing to help and isn't calculative is something every home owner hopes for, and we are glad we have it in Philip.
In addition, the tradesmen engaged by Posh Living are highly proficient professionals. Their work ethics are commendable. They do not shy away from their responsibilities and do their utmost to help us install appliances on their goodwill.
All in all, Philip and his guys are one of the few great tradesmen we have come across, and we are so glad to have engaged Posh Living for our love nest.
To Philip, thank you once again!

Adrian Yeo
Norazhar Hassan (Google Review)
Hairani Rahmat

Cindy Khoo 30 December 2019 (Facebook Review)

My husband & I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the great effort & good service Jeraldine Toh & Philip Lim from Posh Living has put into our renovation project.
Prior to signing the contract, we had emphasized that the renovation had to be completed on time as we are leaving for our year end holiday.
With their efficiency & professionalism they managed to complete the work & hand over on time. Throughout the whole renovation process, both of them had been responsive any time we contacted them.
We would definitely recommend Jeraldine & Philip to everyone who needs renovation work.

Yardi Subhi (Google Review)

Agnes (Google Review)

Daphne is without a doubt a committed and driven person when it comes to renovation works. Being very meticulous, she focuses on the little details, and updates us frequently on the progress of our home. More importantly she is able to provide instant and professional feedbacks when it comes to detailed measurements and selecting of matching colors to suit our home. You know... She has those sniper like eyes, things that may seem passable to us, are being scrutinized by her in terms of carpentry standards, which is good for us!
My favourite part of the hse is the kitchen. As the kitchen is the hardest working area of my home, a lot of efforts were put into the kitchen, the drawers were designed to be very practical, with very careful considerations of the kitchenware placement, and even to conceal the pipes, to give the kitchen a sleek and fresh look.
It was a pleasent process, from the time when we have started renovation works till now seeing a comfortable and cozy home for me and my family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Daphne for her selfless and dedicated efforts into completing this humble home of ours.

Chua Yi Zhuang Karina
Selina Low
Alex Liu
Fauzianah Rohman

Shiqah Hashim 21 March 2020 (Facebook Review)

We met Philip & Jeraldine when we started to kick off our search on ID. Philip was straight forward and gave good insights on the ideas we initially had. Jeraldine gave refreshing inputs and understood our design plans. We had good vibes with them, and after looking around at other IDs (just to be very very sure), we knew we had to go back with them.
Throughout the process, from conceptualising, designing, coordination and handover, both Philip & Jeraldine has been very transparent with us.
We discussed about our budget and they came out with the best layout and design based on our budget. They were not pushy with their ideas, willing to listen to us and collaborate. Bouncing ideas together was indeed an exciting process given the easy-going and outgoing personalities with Jeraldine & Philip.
Their professionalism is definitely one of the highest quality. All our queries were answered promptly. In fact, what we appreciate most is that when we do not understand anything, they are very patient to explain to us until we fully understand.
With any renovation, there are bounds to be challenges. Jeraldine & Philip will always keep us updated, share their concern and work out the best possible solution to fix any issues.
Even after the handover, any concerns we have has been addressed by the power duo. We are grateful that this working relationship has been an amazing one. Their top notch service has resulted in a house that we can proudly call our home. We highly recommend Jeraldine & Philip to be your ID for your future home. They will do it #whateverittakes

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Eng Teoh
Martina Capel
Shiqah Hashim

EY Chan 01 January 2020 (Facebook Review)

Posh Living has picked up the haphazard and unfinished job left by an unscrupulous ID consultant. Jeraldine has been very patient, professonal and accomodating towards handling my once unbearable and unlivable conditioned flat to a cosy one. Thank you Jeraldine/Posh Living for taking up a task that most firms would not have considered, aside from the revamped work!

小新 18 December 2018 (Facebook Review)

I would like to thanks Chloe Woon and Wilson Chua for making our dream house 😍. I met a few IDs before I met them, and only them had drawed out a 2D layout for me in our first meet-up and suggested design which other IDs never did (no regrets). Which make me engage them straight away. From collecting key till moving in, my timeline is quite tight, but they make it happened, and also as per our expectation without much hipcups. All these are because of the great team Posh Living have (tilers, painters, carpenters, plumber, electricians) a whole branch of professionals and friendly peoples. 🥰😘

Swee Peng Lee 15 May 2019 (Facebook Review)

Met Philip of Posh Living in a Home Furnishing Expo. He is friendly & sincere guy.
Our new home is a 15 year old condo with extensive renovations by the previous owner - platforms, mirror walls, false ceilings & many blink blink lights. We wanted to demolish all previous renovations and have a simple & clean style. Philip gave us a very realistic quotation compared with other IDs.
We engaged Philip as our ID, he promptly drafted the work schedule & organized us to view the tiles, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, lightings and electric appliances. He even accompanied us in the selection of the items. During the renovation period he constantly update us with photos thru WhatsApp of the work in progress. Of course not all went smoothly but Philip is always there to resolve those issues. He is very patient, trustworthy & approachable that makes us feel very comfortable working with him. We are very happy with Philip’s excellent service & definitely will recommend him if you are looking for a professional & dedicated ID.


Hairani Rahmat 20 May 2019 (Facebook Review)

We got to know Posh Living thru Qanvast but decided to just walk in & get a quotation. We were attended by the ever friendly Jann Low.
We did not immediately sign with her but went for a few more quotations from different IDs. Although Posh Living was not the cheapest, we decided to go with Jann because we felt she was very professional & was able to accommodate to our needs. She responds to our questions and messages promptly even after her office hours. Our selection process was made much easier with her valuable inputs & recommendations.
She oversaw the renovations & kept us posted with WhatsApp messages & pictures. Mistakes, additions & changes were rectified & handled promptly.
We are extremely satisfied with the end result & felt that our trust In Jann were justified.

Joanne Lim 15 November 2019 (Facebook Review)

We engaged Posh Living for our renovation of our new flat and engaged Mr Philip Lim as our ID after reading gd reviews about him.
Philip is a responsible and patient ID who was also very detailed when going through the costs, materials used and other aspects of the renovation. Throughout the process, he had been very responsive whenever we had queries and made us feel our house was in good hands. He would also update us consistently on the progress of renovation.
Philip would often also provide us suggestions to save money and provide us practical advice of the maintenance of the house etc.
Highly recommend Mr Philip Lim if you are looking for a trustworthy ID who provides affordable quotes!

Shi Yun Ow Yong 20 August 2020 (Facebook Review)

My husband and I are very proud of Gary’s work and his tremendous assistance in our house renovation. From start to finish, he has delivered and carried through with the design and theme that we wanted. He was also attentive to our financial constraints and gave good recommendations on what could and could not be done, given the budget we provided to him. Prior to meeting Gary, we had already met up with 3-4 IDs and we were still undecided about who to engage as they did not seem very invested in listening to our needs. What stood out about Gary for us was his professionalism, grounded, meticulous, and “non-pushy” nature, as well as his attention to detail. As first-time homeowners, it was helpful that he was able to articulate his design ideas through his 3D sketches and was very frank yet tactful in letting us know if our design/idea would not work, keeping in mind both aesthetics and practicality when conceptualising the style and layout of the house.
Gary is also very prompt and extremely patient in responding to us throughout the process, as well as in managing and coordinating the whole renovation. He would give us periodic updates about the house, often with Whatsapp photos. He would also accompany us to source for materials and also offered to help in styling the house post-renovation. Face-to-face meetings were only organised when necessary, with clear objectives to fulfil. In fact, my husband and I did not have to worry about the renovation at all and were able to focus on our work and school commitments.
Another thing which was outstanding about Gary was his commitment and excellence in providing after-sales service. He attended to every issue diligently and promptly and did not leave us in the lurch even months after the renovation has been completed. I would also like to specially commend the men under his charge (carpenters, painters, electrician, plumber, etc) for their good work ethic and effort!
All in all, we are enjoying our new house very much and are extremely pleased with Gary’s work and highly recommend him. Thank you very much Gary and team! 

Liang Zhenwei 13 November 2018 (Facebook Review)

I got to know posh living through a friend but I have to say it has not disappoint us to engage phillp as my ID for our new home and it was a wonderful experience.
Firstly phillp is helpful and patient guy he is able to provide useful information of how the whole renovation process is going take place and able to explain clearly the whole design input and give relatively good advice on design & colour selection after listening to our requirements and preferences which is relatively important especially first timer like us.
The draft was well done and pricing was stated very clearly which is relatively important as we will know what to expect in the finale outcome of the whole house outlook and what we are actually paying for.
Lastly phillip is approachable and very well verse in his job he always provide updates on the status of the renovation via what apps whenever we have doubts or problem he is just a call away able to solve the issue and ensuring the standards not compromised.
He never fail to fulfill the requirements and timeline and the house was completed in time.
At times very demanding but he manage to solve the issues professionally overall the flat was handle over in a good state thanks phillp
Both my wife and I very pleased with phillp as my ID and no doubt recommend him to be your ID for your next new home
keep up the good work.
Good job phillp thumbs up


Jaslyn Xu
Joanne Lim

Meeko Lame 05 June 2019 (Facebook Review)

I highly commend Ms Jann Low from Posh Living ID for making my recent HDB flat make-over journey a positive one - none of the horror stories heard about.
In first-cut meetings with several IDs, I looked out for 2 priority attributes: (1) Competence in design and project execution (2) Professionalism and strong sense of responsibility. Now that the renovation is complete, I would say that Jann is spot-on in both. It further helps that she is quality bias, without being extravagant.
Jann was able to articulate my family’s requirements into 2-D lay-out plan & final outcome was completely what we wanted – abundant cabinet storage, at the same time well laid-out & uncluttered, with bounteous functional space left over. These came across when my mum commented how spacious the kitchen is by HDB standard.
Jann also has a keen sense of color and texture, well translated into 3-D renditions and final physical outcome. Examples: tasteful blend of cabinet laminate including inner skin (not the usual white), delightful layering of pendant lights, pleasant veneer door texture & color (after decision, I was still worried for a few days despite her assurance). When it came to a toss-up between 2 bedroom vinyl floor choices, her perspective which I did not have, was vital in making the right choice (I am sure) finally. Looking back, I am glad to have gone along with 85% of her recommendation and only stuck to my guns for 15%.
I was hardly ruffled during the entire project execution phase and was comfortable to leave it in her good hands. Her regular feedback, sense of responsibility and eye for detail were re-assuring. She once asked for my concurrence for how a ceiling box-up turned up when it was inconspicuous to me but did not escape her ID-honed eyes. On her own accord, rectifications were made even before I even knew (only after event) – replacements of wall sockets, alignment of bathroom cabinet (the 2 mm ‘off’ did not escape her eyes), engaging a licensed fiber point contractor (extra mile as it was not contract specific) - good to have an ID fussing over workmanship before the owner does.
When it comes to (inevitable) rectifications, her experience showed – prompt, cool and knowing where the owner was coming from.
A few caveats though. Be realistic and recognize inherent limitations. E.g. I spent a couple of afternoons musing & pre-selecting floor tiles and laminates, but did not expect her to put in the same number of hours. Also, rectification works are inevitable in any renovation, what’s important is that Jann was entirely responsive, not evasive, and, could marshal her contractors to get the job done in good time.
Jann is a competent, professional and responsible ID who can be relied upon to deliver, horror-free.
On the company – it appears to have proper system as payments are always confirmed by its accounts department in addition to receipts.

Shirley Wong

Adrian Yeo 24 April 2019 (Facebook Review)

I would like to thank Shafiq for his excellent service rendered. Although it was just a simple sliding door for my kitchen, Shafiq put his 100% effort to ensure the installation process was smooth.
Thanks Shafiq for your time to come down personally to oversee the installation.
Thanks the two installation guys for the job well done too.

Selina Low 24 July 2019 (Facebook Review)

A big thanks to Gary for his commitment and professionalism during the entire renovation process. Time was tight as we needed to move in fast. Gary was able to deliver his promise and we moved in as scheduled! Thank you once again!

Peng Hui 25 February 2020 (Facebook Review)

Philip was recommended by our friend, he is a very responsive and patient people. He has given us many good suggestions and tried his best to save our cost. During my renovation, if we have any issues or quires, he always can help us to settle it immediately. Even after handover, he also can arrange his guys to come to solve the problem of any defects asap. Professional and Good service! Thanks Philip!

Annie Tew  24 March 2019 (Facebook Review)

I feel so bless that I have Mr Philip Lim as my interior designer. He is always so attentive, very understanding and patient with us. He will keep me inform of each stages of my renovation. The whole process went smoothly and I gotten my house done on time. Last but not least, I want say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Philip Lim for his great work.

Miho Chung 22 December 2018 (Facebook Review)

We were first time renovators so we were somewhat nervous and unsure about the whole process. For us, it was most important to find an ID that we could trust and feel totally comfortable with. We are glad we chose Gary from Posh Living.
Gary worked with us to develop a design that suited our tastes, lifestyle and budget. It was a smooth and enjoyable experience since Gary gave a lot of guidance along the way as to what would match and what wasn't practical. He presented well-thought options to us and patiently explained the differences in design, material and manufacturers so that we could make informed decisions.
But most of all, Gary gave us confidence that he could execute on the plans. He is very detail focused and I'm sure this attention to detail and planning helped avoid many potential issues that other IDs would have just stumbled into. Even when the occasional issue came up, Gary was very quick to reassure us with a solution and personally be on - site to remediate the situation.
We are very pleased with the workmanship and quality of the finished product. It's a home that we look forward to live in for many years to come.
Our family would gladly recommend Posh Living and especially Gary for anyone looking for a smooth renovation experience.

Hset Min Htet
William Chew

Mark Soo 25 February 2020 (Facebook Review)

Our home reno was handled by Anthony and Alex. Anthony is great in project management, and getting all things settled in a timely manner, no project delays at all. Alex helped with the creative work and ideas. Both of them are very accomodating with our requests. We are very happy with the outcome. I would definitely find Anthony and Alex again, and refer him to my friends for any new projects!

Nour Su
Swee Peng Lee
Angelina Ng
Cindy Khoo

Jonathan Yeo 12 August 2019 (Facebook Review)

Jeff from Posh Living was our ID throughout our renovation experience. He understands what we want and is always recommending us ideas to work towards the design of our home.
We were very satisfied from the similarity of the 3D drawings with the real thing! Throughout the journey, Jeff always kept us updated and liaised with all of our contractors. This was very helpful as we were always busy with our daily jobs.
Towards the end, although there were some minor workmanship issues with some of our carpentry and glass door (our standards are quite high), Jeff made sure they were rectified as soon as his contractors are available. Kudos to him and his team of contractors!
We would definitely recommend Jeff from Posh Living to everyone!

Hset Min Htet 24 October 2019 (Facebook Review)

Jiaqi was Super helpful and gave many ideas for renovation and design of my home. She was patient, responsive and flexible. Would recommend. 5/5

Ting Ting Zhang
Agnes (Google Review)

Yardi Subhi (Google Review)

Despite a little hiccups here and there, Daphne has been a reliable, responsive and hands on ID. Always listen to our needs and ideas before coming up with her design to suit our requirements. Although rushing at times, she still manage to attend to our needs.
Overall a satisfactory project execution completed within projected time.

Shi Yun Ow Yong
Christopher Lim
Mark Soo

Jenny 12 October 2018 (Facebook Review)

We like to thank Philip Lim for his wonderful work for our home renovation. He is patient and often offered sound advice from sourcing of materials to the actual work. He is always responsive to queries and we've no difficulty in reaching him. The billing was transparent and we'd complete confidence in entrusting him. We understood there're many details to take care off during the renovation process and Philip would always try his best to handle whatever issues that might have. It's been a pleasure to have him working for our renovation and I'm sure Philip will continue to deliver outstanding projects in near future.

Annie Tew
Qanvast Review
Liang Zhenwei
Jonathan Yeo
Peng Hui

Ting Ting Zhang 09 October 2019 (Facebook Review)

I very thankful to my ID Mr Philip Lim! He is very responsible designer and nice Friend, every time I call him he all feedback quickly with few solutions, professional knowledge and very concern for customer’s requirements.
I’m a very detail person, it’s lucky for me have Philip took my case, he very patient to discuss and solve every detail detail issues, save me lots of time.
It’s nice experience working together with Philip, also learn many knowledge from him, thanks for all his services! Excellent!

Kerh Yichuan

Ng Poh Leong 23 January 2019 (Facebook Review)

My ID Shafiq was able to understand the concept I wanted and provided good advices on what colour and materials to use. I always wanted a walk-in wardrobe and he managed to design one that perfectly meet my expectations. Generally, I had a great time working with him in the project and the outcome is fantastic.

Faishal Ali
Ng Poh Leong

Fauzianah Rohman 25 June 2019 (Facebook Review)

We stumbled upon Posh Living Interior Design in IMM after enquiring several other stores which were more keen to attract new BTO owners.
After the initial discussion, we decided to engage Lester and Anthony for our parents’ two bathrooms renovations. Though they are not the cheapest in the market but we felt comfortable with them and trust their opinions.
Lester was very quick in responding to our enquiries and requests round the clock. Both Lester and Anthony oversaw the entire phase of the renovation and updated us with the progress weekly. Our selection of tiles and fixtures were very easy and straight-forward.
It would be a lie for me to say that everything was perfect, there were a few miscommunication, errors and changes throughout the renovation phase but they were handled and rectified promptly. Lester and Anthony are very professional and honest on any additional or deduction of cost in changes of requests. We had some stains on our washing basin and Lester was so prompt even on post-renovation in getting someone to help us with the cleaning. As we were working on a very tight schedule and timeline due to the upcoming Hari Raya, we were impressed and satisfied with the end result of the renovation. Our parents love their newly renovated bathrooms. Definitely worth every penny spent !
I would like to thank Lester and Anthony for all the patience and hardwork in ensuring that the renovations went smoothly and were completed within the timeline. Will definitely recommend Posh Living Interior Design to others !

Faishal Ali 27 July 2019 (Facebook Review)

On going renovation in my house and making slight changes here and there,
Ms Sylvia and Mr Bryan are very accommodating and meeting our expectations. A big thank you to both of you. Cant wait to see the final productos to him and his team of contractors!


Lorraine Eltana Real 21 October 2019 (Facebook Review)

I have met Ms. Jiaqi In their show room at IMM. She is so professional to answer all my doubts on how to renovate my kitchen and toilets. My house is a resale flat. She gave us a very concrete and precise idea on how we can preserve our old wooden fixtures, on how we can make the old things to look new. I was so impressed. Good job.

Eng Teoh 06 November 2019 (Facebook Review)

Would like to put on record my sincere thanks to Jeraldine for her services on the renovation works of my unit. Although it was not an extensive renovation, I am very appreciative of her time and effort spent to make sure everything is nicely done up. Her customer service has been top notch, and was very accommodating and patient to some of the last minute changes and arrangements at my end. Will definitely consider her services again in future!

Steven Goh 02 October 2018 (Facebook Review)

Had the pleasure to work with Philip from Posh was a blessing to have him design and reno my place despite my hectic working schedule.
He is willingly to listen to our needs and often give good suggestion to help with the design. not forgetting the safety aspects of my home which i often overlooked. He is a very patient and ensures that the quality of work from all others is in good shape. He also update us promptly on the state of reno with photos on a set up whatsapp chat group.
There were times that my wife and i cannot decide what colour and types of furniture to buy.He gave us a lot of ideas and advise us accordingly. He is definitely 1 of the most trusted and patient ID i have came across.
I will definitely recommend him to everyone who needs to renovate their nest . Well done Philip!! You deserved this commendable review!! Thanks for the wonderful experience!😀😀

EY Chan
Miho Chung