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Buying a brand new home? Purchasing a resale but want to refurbish it the way you want it? Or have you had your home for ages, but think it’s about time you spruce it up? Well, whether you have recently transacted a new home or are simply looking to redesign your current one, chances are you will be in the market for a house renovation Singapore company. As we all know, achieving the look you want in your house is of utmost importance to help you and your family to truly feel at home. After all, you will be living in your accommodation for years to come, so why should you have to put up with a room that is not to your satisfaction? Your living space deserves to be nothing less than perfect. Type your paragraph here.

Space is especially important when it comes to house renovation in Singapore. What does each room need? Should there be an extra door or wall? How will everything fit in? There is the budget to consider, on top of everything that you want in your home. Furthermore, you will have to check if the house renovation matches the guidelines of the government or developer of your estate. And who should you contact to get the work done? Conducting a search on the Internet can bombard anyone with plenty of misleading or outdated information, a recipe for disaster if you are diving headfirst into house renovation. For first-time homeowners, house renovation can be an extremely daunting foray. ​

If you are fortunate enough to become the owner of one of the terrace houses in Singapore, then a comprehensive renovation may be on your mind. Unlike HDBs or condominiums, terrace houses sit on land, and as such terrace house renovation in Singapore may be more involved than compared to apartments.

One of the things that are important about your terrace house renovation is of course the fact that you can actually go very far with it. Foundations that go previously untouched in apartments to retain structural integrity may be considered for updates or changes if you desire, and additions may be added to the outside of the house. The important thing is that as long as you are able to prove the structural integrity of your changes or additions - you will be able to make more major changes that allow you to shape your terrace house however you want.

To that end, you will also need to ensure that your changes pass muster with Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA). This is to make sure that your renovations are still safe for you to live in, and BCA is quite strict on that. You generally need to hire professional engineers to ensure this approval, but this is something that we can help with as well.

Your terrace house renovation in Singapore will be incredibly exciting. On top of the typical interior design work that you will be doing, you may also be able to consider additions like pools and a nice yard or garden with specific functions. Some clients like having ponds as well, for feng shui purposes, or specific gardens and plants. Other clients consider vertical herb gardens, or even minor patio additions such as swings, tables and chairs. Yet others want things such as BBQ pits in the yard areas. In these cases, the sky is the limit - it is your house, after all, and you can essentially do what you want (as long as you have BCA approval).

We at Posh Living Interior Design can help you take care of all of these, guiding you through every step needed for your project. Our hands-on expertise will allow you to easily sail through renovations and in the end, you will have your dream terrace house. 

terrace House Renovations In Singapore

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If this is you, one way to make the house renovation process less overwhelming is to break it down and determine your priorities. The first step to coming up with a great house renovation Singapore plan is to identify what your needs are. Are you preparing to welcome a new member of the family? Looking to make your living space suitable for elderly parents? Or have you been wanting to utilise the full space of your home? Each of these needs will require different renovation plans, so being objective about what you are after is a great way to start. Next, consider your other priorities. What is your budget? Are you on a tight timeframe or can you wait a bit longer? Are the materials used important, and if so, what kind of materials are you after? Making a list of all the specifications you can think of will greatly narrow down the possibilities and provide you with a path forward.  

Still wondering what to do next? Well, who says house renovation Singapore has to be stressful and tedious? This is where we come in. Armed with the only the best tools and knowledge, we make house renovation in Singapore easy and enjoyable for you. Not a designer? No problem. Talk to our friendly agents, who will come up with some possible plans you may be interested in based on your requirements. If you have your own specifications, our team will be more than happy to entertain your requests. Tell us how you would like your dream home to look and watch as we bring it to life.Type your paragraph here.