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condo renovation singapore

However, one major downside is that newer condos can be notoriously small. The price per sq ft of a condo is understandably higher than that of a HDB because it is a private estate. To compensate for this and make condos available to more people, developers have reduced the size of their units to lower the overall price. This has resulted in more units in one condo estate, but smaller apartments as a result. The move is especially tough for those who have been accustomed to living in larger HDBs. Although moving into a condo is an upgrade status-wise, it can often feel like a downgrade simply because of the increased space constraints. 

Condo Renovation in Singapore

We are happy to be that firm. With our years of experience in condo renovation and countless projects under our belt, we have just the right recommendations to transform your condo into a home that you will instantly fall in love with. We have even organised our services into packages for you to choose from, instead of having to plan out everything by yourself. An upgrade to condo housing does not need to feel like a downgrade on living space. Instead, you can elevate your new home to become even more lavish than any HDB possibly could, making full use of the additional furnishings in a condo apartment. Whether you have purchased a brand new condo or a resale unit, we trust that we have the ability to bring it to life. Get your free quote with us today!

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Owning a condo is a lifelong dream for many people. Living in a condo automatically puts one above the ordinary HDB flats the rest of the common public lives in. With convenient amenities such as a gym, 24-hour security, swimming pools and exercise gardens, condo living is often regarded as the epitome of luxury. Anyone who has just purchased a condo will definitely want to splurge a bit on renovating it to their heart’s content, especially since condo developers may be more lenient than HDB as to what residents are allowed to alter in their homes. 

Fortunately, you do not have to be stuck with the limitation of space in your condo. A little condo renovation in Singapore can go a long way to making full use of your home. In a small condo, choosing the right colour scheme and furniture is extra important – you can’t just settle for any furniture. If your unit has many small rooms, you also have the liberty to hack down walls to create a bigger adjoining room. You can even decide to change the whole layout of your apartment, but of course with enough funding. Juggling these specifics with keeping renovation costs on a tight budget and schedule on a timeframe can be exhausting. If it is your first time dealing with a condo renovation, the best case is not to go alone. Partner up with an experienced firm that knows the ins and outs of condo renovation in Singapore. 

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