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Tips to select the best HDB contractors

One of the most expensive parts of HDB renovation in Singapore is the flooring. As your flat probably already comes with flooring, you will first have to foot the costs of removing it, and then pay for the additional flooring. To minimise the costs incurred here, you can try looking for an HDB that already has the type of flooring you want. Of course, this may not be a possibility in some cases. If you do not have any specific preferences for the kind of flooring, going for vinyl can be a more cost-effective option, instead of more expensive flooring such as granite. You can also lay vinyl flooring over the existing tiles, eliminating the need to spend money on removing the current flooring.

Another exciting part of HDB renovation is doing up the walls. These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to wall paint. Of course, you can choose any of the wide variety of paint shades, but there are also many options for the finish and function. For instance, you could have satin or matte walls for a more refined look. The paint could be anti-mould or easy-wash, ensuring that your walls remain as pristine as when they were first painted. In addition to choosing the colour of your walls, you can also decide to hack down existing walls or build additional ones. Do you have two adjoining bedrooms that feel too small? What about taking down the separating wall, joining them into one large room? You could even make a particularly cramped room into a luxurious walk-in closet!

HDB renovation in Singapore comprises many different aspects that can be easily overlooked. Instead of sourcing help from many different firms, what if there was an HDB renovation package that included everything you could possibly need? Well, are you ready to renovate your HDB but don’t know where to begin? Check out our handy HDB renovation packages for Singapore. For your utmost convenience, we have collated everything you need and all the associated costs, so that you can make an informed decision upfront.

Why should you hire an HDB contractor for your flat?

Have your ideal resale HDB interior design? Ready to start renovations and contractor work? We recommend engaging an HDB contractor to ensure that everything goes well. A contractor will also be able to let you know whether your interior design is doable, as certain ambitious designs may not be possible. Talk to us at Posh Living about your resale flat renovations!

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It is imperative that you know how to select best HDB renovation contractor for your resale HDB renovation; it’s not necessarily just about the quality of work (although this is very important) but is certainly also about the chemistry you have. When you have great rapport with your HDB renovation contractor, it generally makes the whole workflow go a lot easier!

First, quality - how do you tell if your HDB contractor will give you quality work? Well, the easiest way is to ask if it might be possible to visit any of the commercial spaces they have worked on before. If a friend or family member of yours has engaged them before, you can also reach out to them to ask about the quality of work that has been done. Otherwise, you can look at their portfolios, any samples they have, and evaluate their workflow as well - for instance, if they take some time to reply to you during the sales process, you may be able to expect the same reply rate during your resale HDB renovation as well.

It is also important to look at their prior experience - e.g. number of years they have worked, and their specialties. You would likely not engage a contractor that is more familiar with commercial office renovations rather than residential renovations, for instance.

Secondly, chemistry and rapport - as mentioned before, you are more likely to work well with your HDB contractors when you get along well with them before anything else. Should anything happen during the course of your renovations, it is generally easier to move things forward when you are both on the same page with things as well as able to understand each other’s viewpoints about the work. Your contractor will also be more likely to ensure that the work you get is the best work that they can give, and more likely to suggest potential solutions for any problems that may pop up during your resale HDB renovation. 

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HDB Renovation in Singapore

While many will attempt to renovate their HDBs on their own, we always recommend hiring appropriate contractors to take care of your resale HDB renovation work. Good contractors like us at Posh Living will have highly-skilled and well-trained workers who are familiar with all aspects of the work, and will be able to do their best to make sure that the work comes out done well. An HDB contractor will be able to guide you through the whole process from engagement to completion, and leave you with the desired results you want for your dream home without any of the problems that may pop up when someone inexperienced is handling things. 

Renovation is a key consideration for any HDB, especially if you are buying a brand new flat. The apartment may not have the interior fittings you want, or it may just look too plain and boring. Regardless of the reason, you will probably want to factor in the costs for renovation when purchasing an HDB. Fortunately, HDB renovation in Singapore does not need to be expensive. Are you on a tight budget? You can still go all out on your new home with the right tips on saving renovation costs.

Firstly though, before making any solid plans, be sure to double check if your HDB renovation in Singapore is not breaking any rules. Since HDB flats are public housing, there may be more restrictions as to what you are allowed to change, compared to a private estate. It is much easier and more convenient to change your plans early on, instead of having to take down everything once you have completed it! 

Resale HDB Renovations

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