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Renovate your 4-Room Resale Flat


Your HDB 4 room resale renovation should never be a struggle. We at Posh Living can make it simpler, easier, and better to move forward with helping you create your dream home once your keys are in hand. Talk to us for a brief consultation as needed on any issues that you may foresee. 

Despite the challenges that could come with a resale flat, we are more than experienced at handling and addressing it all to ensure that by the end of the project you will have in your possession the home of your dreams, based on the budget and timeline that you need. 


This lovely living room is warm, rounded, and open. Its rustic concept with sliding doors allows for privacy while still ensuring that space is saved without swinging doors, and it is inviting for guests and families alike. The dark brown of the door, couch, counters, and tables all provide a welcoming feeling for anyone staying at this home or visiting. The black pipe accents for the door and lighting provide a light industrial feel that also provide a lofty, slightly minimalist feel. Black ceiling fans add to the industrial aesthetic while still adding needed air circulation. This home is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in their living room and kitchen, whether entertaining or cooking in an informal basis!

Congratulations on getting your new resale flat! You’re likely at the stage where you might be beginning to consider what renovations you might need for your new flat. Depending on how old it is and how lived-in it is, the renovations for a resale flat may be more extensive than that of a new BTO flat.

For instance, it may be necessary to remove prior features or installations from the previous owners or occupants, then brush up or fix essential aspects (leaking pipes, rusting wires, broken items) before adding your desired installations or designs in your HDB 4 room resale renovation.

Let’s look at a few potential designs that you might want to consider for your resale flat. 

Living Room

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Dining Room

This is a combination dining and kitchen area that is spacious, tall, and elegant. Perfect for hosting, the grey tiles and walls merge perfectly with the heavier wood covers of the cabinets above the counter. With plenty of counter space for either hosting or cooking, the kitchen accommodates for many to even cook together in the kitchen. The navy blue bar-style chairs add a deep and sophisticated accent to the space that brings it all together; anyone could imagine hosting several friends here during Friday evenings after work.

This renovated kitchen space is mostly white, but its dark brown accents bring a level of elegance to it that ties everything together. The gas stove, counter space for appliances and storage, as well as a small alcove for the washing machine, this home is bathed in cool bright light to make sure that anyone in the kitchen can see what they’re working with even in the evenings. The complete kitchen space does not incorporate an in-built oven, and is characteristic of renovation of an older resale flat. Some choose to add the oven during their renovations if they plan on using it often, but many also choose to simply let it be and use a toaster oven instead for infrequent baking needs. Regardless, the area is spotless, and is partitioned well to hide away the yard behind. It is perfect for a family that plans to cook often, although perhaps not bake. The extra-wide sink space also caters for a larger family size.


Your HDB 4 room resale renovation will not be complete without a lovely dining room. Of course, in most homes your dining room is generally attached to the living room and very close to the kitchen. Some combine both spaces, even, but this design takes it’s dining seriously and makes an effort to have a completely separate dining space. The industrial-style lighting, table, and cabinet accents and combined together with the light beige and wood, as well as the plant accents, creates a perfect merge of sophisticated industrial and the eclectic, just like the prior living room design seen above from the same renovation project. 

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