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Condominium Interior Design in Singapore

condominium interior design singapore

Unlike HDBs, condominium interior design in Singapore is on a whole new level. The units themselves come in all shapes and sizes, especially for modern up-market condominiums, where you can purchase your own studio, townhouse, penthouse or SOHO. Singapore condominiums typically also come with built-in features such as wardrobes, ovens, washing machines and bathroom fittings. Because condominiums are private estates, each developer has their own rules and regulations as to what kinds of renovations are allowed. As such, it is important to check the guidelines for your condominium before making any interior design plans. Some people may be deterred by this point if they feel that the regulations are too tight for them to establish an exclusive home to their liking. However, this is not necessarily the case. Given the right condo interior design in Singapore, any apartment with the strictest regulations can still be transformed into a work of beauty. 

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Are you the proud owner of a new condominium unit? Or have you been interested in the condo market? Savour the epitome of urban living with the best condo interior design in Singapore. With over thousands of satisfied clients served to date, our premium condo interior design service promises to transform your condo into a brand new home. Contact us today for a free quote!

As the amount of available land continues to dwindle, space has become a premium in many condominium apartments. Prospective home buyers may feel that the available condo units are too cramped, and instead settle for a less exclusive HDB flat. Worry not, you will not have to make this compromise. Condo interior design in Singapore makes use of tips and tricks to create a bigger space out of a small room, making it seem as if there are no space constraints at all. For instance, using dark shades of colour on the walls and floors can cause a room to feel smaller because it limits the light reflected off the surfaces. Instead, try to include more light shades to make your room look larger and feel more spacious. Additionally, lighter shades have the added benefit of giving your room an airy feeling. When we redesign your condo, we will employ tricks like these and many more. 

Condominium living in Singapore is fast gaining popularity as more of these private estates continue to crop up. They offer enticing enhancements that set them apart from public HDB housing, including 24-hour security, smart home features, gyms, swimming pools, gardens and a private enclave to call your own. Some condominiums are also on freehold tenure, a rare gem to be found these days. Additionally, living in a condo apartment puts you and your family in close proximity to all the amenities you need in the heart of the city, minimizing time and costs of commute. All in all, condo living definitely exudes a sophisticated and affluent air to one’s friends and family. 

Condominiums may cost more than regular HDB flats, but the good news is they will probably actually cost less to renovate. Most of the basic fixtures are already built into a brand new condo apartment, and it may even come with flooring. This can save you some money and work on getting the essentials done, leaving you more room and budget for interior design. 

condo interior design singapore