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This is a simple bedroom for couples and makes good use of the available space in the room to position a bed and a wardrobe. The bed is accessible from both sides and comes with side tables from either end as well as a nightlight on either side as well. Outlets can be built into the side tables for easy handphone charging at night. The dark wood and beige design of the space elicits a sense of homeliness and comfort that is suitable for a bedroom, and the warm ceiling lights and night lights ensure that the environment is great for encouraging sleeping. 

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Living Room

All of the above are designs that we at Posh Living have developed for our clients’ needs and tastes. For your HDB 5-room resale renovation, we will work closely with you to ensure that you will have what you need. In the end, you will be able to have your own home in the image that you desire. 


Renovate your 5-Room Resale Flat


If you have been lucky enough to get yourself a lovely 5-room HDB flat, then you might also be considering the renovations that may come with it. Depending on the extensiveness of your renovations, as well as how in-depth you may want them to be, it should not come as a surprise that 5-room renovations often cost over S$100,000.

That said, investing in a lovely home for you to enjoy when you return from work and for your family to grow in is rarely ever a wrong choice, and HDB 5-room resale renovations can be part of that too. Let’s take a look at what some options could be for your renovations.

This depicts a wonderfully elegant dining area with a dry kitchen. While the concept of dry and wet kitchens is not as common in newer HDBs, they can still be done. This dry kitchen features a large ceramic counter that is perfect for anyone who needs cold counters for baking, and can also serve as a dining area for your family or guests. The counters in the back are perfect for storing water dispensers or coffee machines, and our clients will often use them to build a little smoothie, coffee, or alcohol bar depending on their preferences. The open space is perfect for entertaining at all times of the day. 


This home renovation is more appealing to couples without children. The darker, more elegant colours in dark brown and grey convey a sense of sophistication that may appeal more to those who live alone or those who like to entertain guests or business partners in their homes. Furthermore, the limited amount of furniture provides the sense of a wider space as well; this design is appealing and suitable for those who want to impress. 

This lovely kitchen with its clean, light grey design, is the epitome of what a modern kitchen might look like. The fridge has a screen that allows you to look into the fridge without opening it and has a water dispenser. There are concessions for an in-built oven as well as a regular microwave. The stove is electric, and this design comes with a dishwasher, which current generations are beginning to prefer over manually washing dishes as well. It’s a compact, lovely kitchen that suits any home, including an HDB 5-room resale renovation.

This kitchen, with its uncommon bright green scheme, tiled floors, and wooden counters, is eclectic, bright, and open. Like the design above, it has space for in-built ovens and a shelf alcove for microwaves, but it also has a sectioned off area for a washer or dryer and also has a significant amount of counter space. The natural white light on the ceiling as well as underneath the counter creates the illusion of daylight even during the evening; this is a style that is appealing to the bright, peppy family. 



This HDB home is designed with warm elements of wood in mind and is meant to be comforting and homely. With rounded edges, warm white lighting, and comfortable cushions, it is a good design for both young couples and growing families. Additionally, the brown, white, and beige colour scheme provides a light, airy feeling in the home. This is something that many homeowners in Singapore appreciate, as the size of Singaporean HDBs can often leave something to be desired. The open wood-slat separator near the dining table also allows light to filter into the kitchen and creates the illusion of a bigger space without compromising on a clear separation of areas. 

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