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bto interior design singapore

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​Another trick is to leverage on vertical space, which you will probably have more than enough of. Instead of placing furniture horizontally, try going upwards – build on bookshelves, mount your furniture on the wall wherever possible, and create shelves to store more items. This will remove unnecessary clutter around the floor area, plus it looks great as an aesthetic! You can also build elevated platforms on the floor and place your bed or dining table on higher ground. Varying the height of furniture around your house creates a grander look and makes more use of your BTO flat’s vertical space. Additionally, you can also make those platforms into storage drawers and minimise even more horizontal furniture. ​

​BTO interior design also benefits from using smaller furniture instead of large pieces. If space is a challenge, scaling everything down will make your room look a lot larger, instead of having large furniture items barely fitting into your home. Beds arguably take up the most space in any home. What about using a vertical bed that can collapse into the wall when not in use? Or how about purchasing a sofa bed? Whatever your choice, you will definitely wow any visitors with your contemporary and innovative home design. 

​Regardless of the size of your BTO flat, let us transform it into a home that you will look forward to coming back to every day. We believe that every BTO unit can have its own unique character, and we are just the ones to bring it out. Our philosophy is that every flat is a new canvas which can be styled according to how you want it. Interested to work with our BTO interior design Singapore experts? Contact us today for a free quote!

​Built-to-order HDB flats are becoming increasingly common in the market, especially for newly wed couples. These apartments also tend to be small in size, making BTO interior design in Singapore an especially important factor. Many interior design concepts for BTO flats focus on minimalist concepts, making use of smart designs to leverage on the available space and create a classy look.

You may be wondering what there is to renovate in a small 2- to 4-room flat. Well, you do not have to feel short-changed by floor area. Although your home may not be able to accommodate larger types of furniture, you can still make do with plenty of living space. Spending a little on BTO interior design in Singapore can go a long way into making your home a comfortable and spacious place to relax. That’s right – a BTO apartment can feel roomy too if you know just the right tricks to pull it off!

Fortunately, you do not have to be limited by space constraints. BTO interior design in Singapore has several key principles to help spruce up your home. For one, be sure to use a lighter shade of paint on the walls. Instead of going for heavy or dark colours, which will reduce the amount of reflected light and make your room appear even smaller, light colour tones will create the illusion of a bigger room and complement the overall design. To match the colour of your walls, source for furniture in light shades to fit your home’s colour scheme together. ​

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