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Landed Property Interior Design in Singapore

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In addition to the key features we have highlighted above, our designers will analyse your specific house to determine the interior design that best suits it. Select a look you like from a myriad of available plans, and leave the rest to us.

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There are also many types of interior design for landed properties and it is important to first identify what kind of services you need. For instance, you may have a brand new house and are looking to furnish it with the necessary fittings. Alternatively, you may have purchased an old resale house and want to customise it the way you like. Perhaps you have had your estate for some time and wish to give it a fresh makeover. With all the available options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, we are the experts you need for landed property interior design in Singapore. 

When it comes to landed property interior design in Singapore, there is no “one size fits all” schematic. The unique properties of landed estates require specialised architecture that is vastly different from HDB or condo interior design. For one, while apartments tend to require minimalist concepts to maximise the use of a small space, landed properties have no such restrictions. In fact, most landed properties are large – ranging from 1,700 sq ft to 35,000 sq ft – which can make it more difficult to design an interior that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Any landed property interior design project is a massive undertaking requiring plenty of time and resources to execute. Of course, it is not cheap either. Even if one were to spend sparingly, the estimated costs for complete landed property interior design in Singapore can add up to at least $250,000. The larger the home, the higher the costs. 

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Next, another important feature of your home is the bedrooms. As a highly personal space you will come home to every day, your bedroom should be nothing short of cosy and inviting. To truly savour an experience fit for royalty, we make sure to include luxurious features such as walk-in wardrobes, artful lighting, elevated beds and more, transforming your master bedroom into a safe haven you could lounge in every day. Have spare bedrooms? We will gladly make full use of them and turn them into guest rooms, utilising ambient lighting to turn them into comfortable and relaxing accommodations for anyone that stays over. 

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In conceptualising a design for your landed property, we focus on matching the interior to your lifestyle and personality. As the first thing anyone sees when they step into your home, the living room will be the centrepiece of your house. It can be divided into various sectors to exhibit different atmospheres, such as a guest area, a lounge, a bar or an entertainment corner. 

A much-used but often overlooked area is the bathrooms. The bathrooms in your landed property should be more than functional, adding to the sophisticated flair of your mansion. Instead of settling for the bare necessities like a shower and toilet, we pride ourselves on making even a small utility bathroom look posh and lavish. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath in the comfort of a private chamber, before stepping out into the front area equipped with a dressing table and vanity mirror, specially designed to indulge.