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Hiring A BTO Interior Designer

1. What is your budget?

Are you having trouble storing your stuff in an HDB home?? No worry!! Make use of the walls.

Walls can be a great way to increase the storage space in your home. You can either build a classic or innovative shelve in your living room to store your books, or you can get custom-made hide in the walls shelves. Hide-in-the-wall shelves are generally used in kitchens as a pantry alternative. They either slide inside a small space or you can opt for the door style hidden shelve.

2. What is your timeline?

The budget is the most critical and vital part of any renovation project. It determines the scope of your renovation project and what can you afford to do in your renovation project. The estimated 3-bedroom BTO flat renovation will cost you between $38,850 to $44,0000, and a 5-bedroom flat would cost you around $45,000 to $52,000.

So, allocate a realistic budget for your renovation project. And don’t forget to allocate a separate small budget for unexpected expenses.

3. What are you looking for?

Here is another question that you must find an answer to before hiring an interior designer. Knowing your needs would help you to find a renovation contractor or an interior designer who is an expert in that sort of work. So, start looking on the internet for interior designs you like and maintain a folder of the designs you like. You can also ask your interior designer for recommendations according to the size of your BTO home.

4. What are the recommended interior design singapore companies?

Now that you know your needs and budget, it’s time to look for an interior designer who can do all you need and that too within your budget. Start looking around for interior design advertisements or ask for recommendations from friends and family. You will get plenty of options.

However, if you fail to find some trustable recommendations, the internet is your best option. But always do a background check and check their rating and reviews.

5.  Are they accredited?

Another thing that you must look for in an interior designer is, are they qualified?? Many renovation contractors claim to provide interior design services without any professional qualification or experience in the field. Such a contractor can damage the look of your home. So, always check their certificates before hiring someone for the interior designing project.

Posh Living is a high experienced 
hdb interior design Singapore company for all your renovation needs.

6. What services do they offer?

Interior designing is a broad field and there are a number of services offered by interior designers. Some designers are best in one field and some are in another. So, it's your responsibility to find an interior designer that not offers the services you need but also excels in them.​

7. How would the project move on?

Now that you have an interior designer who is experienced in the services you are looking for, you need to discuss your renovation project with them. Ask about how the project will move on? Who will work on your project? Would they be able to finish the project in the given timeline? What will happen if the design is not what you were anticipating or you don’t like the design at all?

​8. Have they done a similar project before?

This is the most important question and you must not forget to ask it from your interior designer during the meetings. Sometimes designers don’t publish all their work on the website due to client privacy. But they do have a portfolio to show you.

So, always ask your designer if they have done a similar project. This will give you an insight into the approach, quality of work, and end result of the designer you are hiring. You may also get ideas from other projects that might be missing or better than what you have finalized in the meeting.

We hope our guide will help you in renovating your HDB BTO flat. If you are looking for HDB BTO interior design services, Posh living is your best option. We are an accredited and reputable interior design firm in Singapore. We offer complete home renovation and interior designing services. And if you only need kitchen or living room renovation or design, we also have packages for it. Have a look at our BTO renovation package Singapore and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We are here to help you make your dreams come true. 

Have you bought an HDB BTO flat?

Are you planning to move into your BTO flat?

If yes, you must be considering renovating or designing it. HDB BTO flats are compact places and if you want to fit all your stuff in them, you will need a reputed interior designer. An HDB BTO interior designer would know how to save space and fit it in all that you need along with making your home look modern, comfy, and cozy.

So, what are you waiting for?? Start looking for a BTO renovation Singapore

Wondering how to hire a reputed BTO interior designer??? Don’t worry!!! Here are a few questions that you must before hiring an interior designer…

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8 Questions to Ask While Hiring A BTO Interior Designer

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