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Do you own an HDB flat?? Or you are planning to rent one??

Small space can give you a tough time organizing and settling in. But don’t worry!! We are here for you. Here are some best HDB interior design singapore ideas for you. Have a look and design a bespoke home following these HDB interior design ideas from us.

1. Use the Walls

Are you having trouble storing your stuff in an HDB home?? No worry!! Make use of the walls.

Walls can be a great way to increase the storage space in your home. You can either build a classic or innovative shelve in your living room to store your books, or you can get custom-made hide in the walls shelves. Hide-in-the-wall shelves are generally used in kitchens as a pantry alternative. They either slide inside a small space or you can opt for the door style hidden shelve.

2. Stack Up Your Furniture

Are that you cannot fit all your furniture in a small HDB room?? We have an idea to save space and have all that you need.

Stack up your furniture. Don’t buy two single beds for kids’ rooms instead buy stylish yet comfy bunk beds. Similarly, you can buy a bed and study table attached together for smaller rooms. And if you need a sitting area, you can swap the study table with a seating space.

3. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

You might have watched videos of multi-purpose furniture on YouTube, where a bed goes back into the wall or a wall-mounted dining table saves a hell lot of space in the living room.

However, if you don’t like the idea of such furniture, you can go for sofa –cum beds and extendable dining tables. You can extend them when you have more people around and shrink them when you need more space. Sounds good right??

4. Use Storage Beds

Storage beds are another great option for compact homes. Storage beds are basically beds with under-bed drawers. You can use them for putting on bed linens, pillows, shoes, seasonal clothes, or anything that you don’t have space for. And they don’t ugly also. They are available in all sorts of designs. From modern to contemporary, you can buy what you like.

5. Customized Bay Window Seat

If you have a bay window in your HDB home, a bay window seat is a great way to have more seating space. You might think they are old and outdated however, if designed properly, they can be a focal point of your room. You will love relaxing on the bay window seat with natural light coming in and enjoying the outside view at the same time. You can also build a few storage units under the bay window seat to give a little more space to store your stuff.

6. Use Custom Made Appliances Storage

Custom-made appliances storage can help you save space. You can mount your television and sound system in a custom-made wall unit. There are a lot of modern TV unit designs that you can find on the internet. You can also opt for wall-mounted kitchen appliances. Almost all modern kitchen designs have microwave, griller, oven, and even refrigerator mounted on the wall. It saves space and gives a modern look to your home.​

7. Use Glass Walls

Glass walls are a popular choice of interior designers around the world for smaller homes. They provide more natural light in the room and give you an illusion of bigger rooms. You can replace your living room and kitchen wall with a glass wall for more space. You can even add a sliding glass door to actually make the room bigger for parties.

​8. Use Colors Wisely

Darker rooms always feel smaller. So, if you have small rooms, interior designers always recommend using lighter tones to brighten up your room. It gives a feel of freshness and makes your room look larger. You can go for cream, opaque, egg-shell, or any lighter hue you like.

However, if you love darker tones, you can give a touch of your favorite colors in the shape of a dark colour sofa, or a painting on the wall.

We hope our blog will help you design a bespoke HDB home for you. And if you are looking for professional interior designers, Posh Living is here to help you with your
HDB renovation singapore project. At Posh Living, we put our client’s needs first and listen to what they need. Our design process keeps your needs first and aims to provide you with a design that is aesthetically pleasing yet according to your requirements.

We have a wide range of HDB interior design packages that will fit your budget. Feel free to connect with us for more information.