When you move into a 4-room BTO flat, everything seems to be the same as the flat next to you. But it is up to you to design your home according to your taste and needs. All you need to do is discuss your style and requirements with an interior designer, and he will design a warm, cozy, and stylish home for you.

Don’t exactly know your style???? Here are a few
BTO interior design Singapore ideas for you to choose from.

1. Minimalist Style

The minimalist lifestyle is the new talk of the town and everyone is trying to incorporate a minimalist lifestyle. So, why not incorporate minimalist style in interior design as well. Minimalist style is all about the monochromatic colour scheme, clear spaces, and minimal furniture.

Choose a simplistic colour scheme (whites, greys, and beiges) and complement it with a bit of colour. You can add a simplistic painting on the wall, or a wooden table colour. Only use essential elements in the room and clutter it with excessive decorations. A painting on the wall would be enough to decorate your living room.

2. Industrial Style

Industrial style is another interior design that is popular these days. Industrial style is all about taking inspiration from old factories and incorporating it into your home. Brick walls and concrete floors are the most common combination in industrial style. Along with that, AC ducts and water pipes are often left open to give that industrial feeling. Pendant lights with long hanging wires and vintage furniture are an essential part of industrial interior design. You can find plenty of these treasures at old yard sales at cheap prices.

3. Modern Pastel Colour Style

Modern pastel colour interior design style is here to stay. Whether it’s a home or a café, you will find it everywhere. You might think that a pastel colour palette is good for nurseries only but believe us it's contrasting pastel colour with soft white colour would change the entire look of your room.

You can either make big changes by adding pastel colour sofa or wall hangings, or you can also make subtle changes by changing the textiles to pastel colours.

4. Scandinavian Style

Do you like IKEA catalog interior designs??? Well, they are Scandinavian designs. The clean, well-lit, and calming rooms appeal to everyone.

The Scandinavian design is simple, minimalist, functional, and affordable. Choose hues of white for the walls and wooden flooring and furniture. And don’t forget to declutter. The Scandinavian interior design is all about keeping t clean and uncluttered. Lastly, add a touch of nature to the room. It can be a woolen blanket or a wood burner.

5. Eclectic Interior Style

Eclectic design is taking inspiration from multiple interior design styles and putting them together to fit a style of your own. So, whether you like textured walls, wooden furniture, a minimalist approach, or a modern look, all can be incorporated together into an eclectic design.

6. Retro Style

Do you like the 50s, 60s, and 70s interior design styles??? Go for retro style then.

The retro style is bringing old and new styles together. Retro is a wild design so you need to go wild with colour choices. Avocado green and bright yellow are popular colour choices in retro style but you can opt for crown, black, blue, or white colour as well. A pro tip here is to choose furniture with fine lines for an abstract look.

You can also pop in an old scooter model, an old audio player, or a standing fan to give that classical retro look to the room.​

7. Monochrome Style

Monochrome is a good option if you don’t like too many colours in the room. Monochrome is all about choosing a colour palette and applying different hues to the entire room. It can be darker shade walls and light colour furniture and ornaments, or the lighter shade walls and darker shade furniture.

However, choosing a single colour and putting up an entire room in one colour theme can be a daunting task.

8. Country Style

If you are not looking for something extravaganza and want your home to be a casual and cozy place, country style is what you need. Country style revolves around the use of wooden floors, white walls, and simple furniture, and bringing in flowers and greenery to the room.

So, go for white colour walls, pastel colour furniture, wooden floors, and an indoor plant pot in the corner of the room that can do the job. You can also add a rustic barn door to give a classic country touch to the décor.

We hope our guide will help you choose the right HDB interior design style for your home. If you are looking for a professional interior designer for your BTO flat, Posh Living is here to help you. Our team of expert interior designers will design a bespoke design that is just what you need. Click here to book an appointment.​

8 Trendy Interior Design Ideas for 4-Room BTO

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