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A Guide to Planning Your HDB Home and BTO Renovation Singapore

Things to Keep in Mind:

Now that you know the three essentials, let’s move on to the real guide for the best HDB interior design Singapore, where you will learn how to actually go about a renovation.

1. Theme:

Every house has a theme. You need to find a theme for your house because it will define the guidelines for the rest of your decisions.

To define a theme, sit with yourself and explore your interests and preferences. Begin with the major ideas available for themes like minimalistic, retro, classy, royal, etc, and see what renovates with your personality the most.

Once you have your theme, it will be easier for you to make the remaining decisions.

2.  Utilization:

One major thing in renovation is how you utilize your space. What most people do is they buy things that they need and just stuff them in. That’s good but that’s not it.

While renovating, you should also think of utilizing your space, so that your flat looks the best as a whole. Your goal should be to make it your habitat, not your shelter.

​For utilization, see the good available spots and then match them to fit with your existing stuff. Place the items where they look the best. Or if you can, buy items to utilize the good spots of your flat.

3.  Functionality:

While you think of utilizing the space the best, also think along the lines of its functionality.

The goal is to utilize, not to stuff. So while you utilize your good spots, make sure that the things you put there are also functional.

It goes two ways. First, don’t buy stuff that you cannot use. And second, make sure you can still use your stuff.

For example, buying a kids game that fits great in the corner is a good idea but not if your kids won’t be interested in playing it. Or putting a table which sits perfectly in the spot and looks good, but is too far away to be used.

4.  Overdoing:

Creativity knows no limits and this attribute of creativity poses a threat to your wish for the best HDB interior design Singapore.

Once you start getting creative, the ideas start flowing and they never stop. And once you have great ideas, it is hard to stop yourself from implementing them. It often leads to overdoing of
BTO renovation Singapore.

As much as creativity can bring you praises, overdoing it can get you as much criticism. Overdoing will just make it too much and won’t let any of your ideas stand out, giving the feeling of an artistic mess.

5.  Space:

Remember that renovation is not just about looks. It is about making a place which facilitates you to live there.

BTO flats often have an issue of space and that’s okay because you can make up for it if you be smart about your renovation.

While renovating your BTO, make sure to make optimum use of space, leaving enough room for yourself to move around and breathe. For additional space, consider using multi-purpose furniture.

One-Stop Solution for Best HDB Interior Design Singapore:

​Renovation can be too much for a layperson and it is unrealistic to expect them to be good at budgeting, creativity, and knowing the best quality. Creating themes and making optimum use of space while ensuring functionality is also a tough task for many.

But there is a one-stop solution for your BTO renovation Singapore, and it is to hire an interior design company.

An interior design company is proficient in all the things that are essential for the best HDB interior design Singapore and they ensure that you get the best out of your BTO flat.

They will ensure that your flat looks the way you want, serves its purpose, has the best quality, provides you comfort, and earns you a lot of praises.


​HDB BTO is arguably the most popular and most widely spread housing accommodation in Singapore. It is a go-to option for many citizens for a decent and affordable shelter and rightfully so, but the problem is that they often need renovation.

​Most of us buy a flat or a house only once in our lives and that is why renovation is not something we are an expert of. For this reason, we have penned down a complete guide to your BTO renovation, so that no surprises are waiting for you when you move in.

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The Three Essentials for Best HDB Interior Design Singapore:

There are three essentials to renovation and they must be kept in mind before you even think of going for renovation. These are:

1. Affordability:

The first thing you need to be careful of is your budget. You should be sure how much you can spend on renovation before you even get it started. An ideal is that you have a decent budget according to your needs, your wants, and the condition of your flat.

But once you define your budget, you should stick to it and make sure all the choices you make comply with your budget. Moreover, defining your budget will also give you a clearer picture of what things you can afford, and you will focus on those only rather than straying around.

2. Creativity:

The third essential is the quality of material you use in your BTO renovation Singapore.

It is an absolutely no compromise area because you do not want to keep renovating. Once you renovate, it should last long enough to provide you the value of money you spent on it.Moreover, a compromise on quality can result in loss of limb and life such as a poorly made cupboard falling down or a wall that is not strong enough to serve its purpose.

3. Quality:

It is the time when you take your bedroom down to flooring and bare studs. This is essential because taking it down will expose the issues that you can get fixed before beginning to work on the entire bedroom designing.

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Guide to HDB BTO Renovation