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A Guide To House Renovation Singapore!

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How To Save On Extra Charges During The Renovation?

We ensure the use of quality materials. Don't be fooled by the contractors who provide deals for renovations as they use inferior materials. 

House renovation is a pivotal moment in your life, and depending upon your preparation, it can be an enjoyable experience or a total nightmare.Type your paragraph here.

​Getting your house renovation in Singapore can be pretty pricy, so you must consider some facts before getting your renovation started. This blog will cover everything you need to know about landed property renovation in Singapore; it will be quite helpful for you even if you are a first-timer.

Electrical Work 

If you wish to get your house renovated, give us a chance to do it for you, we ensure you will have a great experience.

​Contact now to get your quote.

Don't always go on listening to your interior designers; no doubt they give the best ideas. But it's better to tell them what you want and how you want your space to be turned out, so you don't regret it later once it's done. Select the aesthetic of your space, the color scheme, the color of paints, and the floor.

​Share your thoughts of dream house with us, and we will do whatever it takes to turn your dream into reality. After all, renovation is our passion, and we will do everything according to your choice!

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Chemical Wash



The need for sockets and other electrical connections may increase the overall cost. It is recommended not to install too many electrical connections in your home to save your cost.

Let Us Help You

Renovation is not easy and quick; instead, it takes longer than you may think. Before moving towards the actual process of renovation, it requires a lot of planning. Planning is essential to achieve successful renovation.

​It would help if you considered meeting different interior designers for your landed property renovation in Singapore. Compare the prices and services of various contractors to save some money and avoid fraud.

​Don't rush your renovation process; take time, do your homework, and choose the best to do the renovation.

The process of wall concealment of cables and wires can be costly as the walls have to be hacked to insert the cables and then plastered again. It is advisable to get your cables to conceal creatively.

Most people ignore the importance of discussing their budget limit before starting the renovation, and it turns out a major step back. It is wiser to tell your contractors openly about how much you can spend on a house renovation in Singapore so that they work accordingly to provide you with the best services in your budget.

All our renovations are budget-friendly; we only charge for what we do, no hidden charges. You can contact us anytime to get your quote; it's free of cost.

How Interior Designer Plays A Role In House Renovation In Singapore?

All these factors determine your overall cost of the renovation project.

​The fee of the contractors

​Area of your landed property renovation Singapore

​Type of renovation

​Type of accessories, furniture, etc.

​Extra charges for last-minute changes

​Ask your interior designer to take a tour of your house so that he can give you a better idea about the charges. Also, discuss the period they will need to complete the job. It will help them work efficiently and complete their job until the stated time and dates.

If your renovation involves flooring, painting, and cementing, your house will need a chemical wash after the renovation is done.

To save any inconvenience in the future, check all water holes that no chunk of sand is left there as it may cause unnecessary blockage in the future, which will cost you greatly.

Note: Make sure to do double-check you house before making the complete payment. Pay after you are completely satisfied with the work.

Quality Material

Debris Removal

Posh Living – The Best Contractors In Town 

It is also a high cost which depends upon the extent of work done. Be sure to check the cost of debris removal given to you by your contractor, so you don't pay extra for it.

There is no limit on spending when it comes to renovation; this is where interior designer plays their role. They design the best for you and keep you within a managed budget. Interior designers can execute your idea better; they provide ideas based on your preferred style. Moreover, they work in coordination with contractors to give you the best outcome.

​Looking for an interior designer can be a tedious job but worry not. Posh Living brings you the facility of interior design consultancy so you don't have to waste your time looking for one and can get started on mission renovation immediately.

Don't Go For Wall Concealment Of  Wires

Posh Living is a one-stop solution to meet all your renovation needs. What makes us different from others is that our work speaks for itself. We have been doing renovation for years, and we have a long list of satisfied customers.

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We have a team of experts for every matter who ensure to give a good finish to your house. We also provide interior design consultancy. Our team is highly friendly and always welcomes you to share your thoughts.

​To be sure, you can check the review about us on our page or the work we have done in the past. You will be highly convinced to see the magic our team does.

On What Factors Does Your Cost Depend? 

There are some extra charges during the renovation that can be ignored, increasing the overall cost.

Planning Your House Renovation

Share Your Ideas