Dining Room

This dining room itself can redefine luxury. A wide half mirror serves as a window into a reflection of the room, projecting the idea of depth – one of the most popular design ideas that can really help you expand your room. The neatly set dining table illuminated by warm lighting brings to mind a cosy atmosphere in an exclusive abode. Generous planters sit around the room, enhancing the clean design with a natural touch.

Meanwhile, nearly symmetrical in layout, a built-in recess frames a television in a classic Scandinavian style. Having a built-in fixture like the television and shelves to its side is a great space-saving trick. Also note the air-con unit nestled right above the built-in frame housing the television, ensuring unbroken continuity for the indirect lighting design on the ceiling. There is plenty of walking room thanks to the minimalist layout, a luxury that helps the room appear much more spacious, airier, and tidy. 

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Living Room

The living room presents a warm, pleasant aesthetic that is not overly complicated, yet enough to make this home stand out form the rest. At first sight, you can feel the influence of wood and nature in this home, from the walls to the table and even the light brown and cream palette for the entire room.

Mild light reflects off the ceiling, giving off a pleasant illumination that does not overpower the natural light streaming in from full-length glass panels to the balcony outside. The expert use of reflective panels across the walls lends to creating depth in the otherwise narrow living room. Walking in to this living room is like being transported into a modern, classy lounge. Customised, stylish designs adorning the left partition wall showcase the innate allure and potential of pure wood, culminating in a sleek, high-tech backdrop for the television. 

Sitting Room

Once again, warm lighting nearly engulfs this room, featuring our much-loved inbuilt shelves and even a sitting area in the wall. There are enough pockets of space all around the room to display some quirky trinkets or prized possessions to feel right at home. 

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Living Room

White marble with touches of elegant black paint the living room in a posh, modern picture, but still leaving enough room for personal décor to add splashes of vibrant colour. This living room comes with an inbuilt custom display cabinet atop a miniature pantry, best used for showing off your wine collection, or perhaps some collectible bottles. Sit back on the inviting sofa and enjoy a quiet evening entertaining your friends and family. 


Not every condo unit is privileged enough to come with a balcony, so you might as well fully deck it out if you have one. Enjoy a relaxing, quiet evening lounging around with a view from the balcony. The tinted screen affords the slightest bit of seclusion and privacy, but still gives you an impressive view of the compounds. Overhead, an intricate light fixture reflects amber-hued light off the ceiling for a soft, warm vibe.

The two lighted inbuilt shelves and the marble-topped table speak of luxury, carrying on the squarish motif also present on the television wall. For a classy, minimalist design that looks as posh as it gets, the design team has got it just right with this home. 

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Hire The Best Renovation Company

Condominium units are a great space to build the home you’ve always dreamed of. With fewer restrictions than HDB renovations, condo homeowners often have the flexibility to go the extra mile and perform more extensive renovations with either just a permit, or no approval required at all. This may sound enticing, but it does come with strings attached. Most condo units, especially newer ones, tend to be tight for space and feature irregular floor plans, which may make it difficult to realise some renovation plans. Nevertheless, if you are looking to create a cosy home with a unique style, what better place to begin than your new condo?

Here, we share 2 different condo units renovated by Posh Living, featuring our signature designs that bring out the best aspects of each home. Whether it’s 2 bedroom condo interior design or 3 room condo interior design, we have plenty of design ideas for your new home. Take a look at what our design team has to show! 

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3 Room Condo Interior Design

This 3 room condo interior design may look like it’s in the same vein as the previous 2 bedroom condo with its marble floor, wooden table and reflective walls, but that’s about it. This condo unit has its own unique character, demonstrating the harmony between posh marble, clear glass and earthy wood. A few well-placed planters on the table and around the room provide a fresh breath of greenery, sprucing up the overall look.

It is also a great idea to create recesses in the ceiling for your air-conditioning units to keep them out of the way, yet without compromising on some much-needed air-con for those hot, sunny days. Light-coloured curtains are an excellent way to keep the direct sun out of your apartment, but still allow some sunlight to filter through. In the evenings, you can draw the curtains back to reveal a picturesque city, and your own home on top of it. 

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The wood tones intensify when you get to the bedrooms, featuring an inviting marriage of natural wooden browns transitioning into dark grey shades. The dual-tone light and dark greys of the bed and walls create a stylish haven perfect for slumber. A panel of curtains allows for flexibility between enjoying natural lighting and the view outside, or staying in the comfort of a secluded private bedroom.

The sitting area looks even more exquisite, with a striped and backlit motif making the large screen stand out even more. There is little use of wooden materials in this room, but the same brown color themes across the curtains and television backdrop help to ensure a sense of continuity. We think this home goes pretty well with its tri-colour palette, but if you are looking at a slightly more minimalist and monochrome theme, you can always change up those brown curtains for the same dark grey ones from the bedroom. There are plenty of possibilities even with just 2 bedrooms! 


If you are the proud owner of a 2 or 3 bedroom condo, you have undoubtedly wondered about what kind of interior design best befits your property. Our design team at Posh Living is here to help! Simply get back to us with your renovation requirements and we will be happy to assist you in finding the best look for your home. If you would prefer, we can also schedule a time for our specialists to come down and take a look at your condo so that we can have a better idea of what your condo deserves. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!


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2 bedroom condo units may sound tiny, but don’t let that hold you back from customising it to your will. Even at first glance, this 2 bedroom condo’s interior design style speaks for itself. Don’t be fooled by the deceptively small floor area – this condo came with a sizeable renovation budget to transform it into the designer home you see here.​