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Breakfast Table

The black-and-white theme of the breakfast table gives it a solid, down-to-earth feel that will be a classic in any home. Accentuated by the whites of the walls and kitchen cabinets, the colour palette looks surprisingly simple and monochrome, if not for nature’s touch in the flooring that stretches out to the kitchen. Perhaps it is an unconventional floor material for the cooking area, but we think it’s just the right amount for that warm, calming feeling.

The setting is so idyllic that it may look for a moment like a private room in a high-class restaurant, but that’s where the similarities end. Ample space in the wall recess for trinkets and photo frames manage to keep the place personable yet not too cluttered – there is plenty of space for our client to decorate the home just the way they want. It’s these tiny details that make every home unique and distinguish them from any other. And who wouldn’t want their home to be uniquely theirs? Custom fittings and furniture are recently in style, with homeowners often inquiring about the best custom design solutions to make their homes really stand out. Personally, we think the best custom interior design is still the simplest – a space you can decorate and call your own, artfully demonstrated here with an expertly placed planter, photo frames and other trinkets for décor.

Beyond the breakfast table, you can see into the kitchen via a clear glass door, creating a seamless transition from the dining room to the kitchen and giving the illusion of space. Frameless glass panels are one of the most popular options among our clients looking for maisonette renovation in Singapore – they are easy to maintain, affordably priced, and most importantly, they look great in any home! Do they help to create a clean, spacious partition between the dining room and kitchen? We certainly think so. 

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The limited land in Singapore means that HDB executive maisonettes are a highly sought-after property type. With spacious rooms, flexible floor plans, and luxurious amenities, a maisonette is the very picture of a fresh canvas ready to be designed. Here, we share one maisonette project our renovation team at Posh Living recently worked on, transforming a blank slate full of potential into a posh designer home. With a brand new home and some creative intent, anything is possible in the world of maisonette renovation in Singapore! 

Dining Room

Carrying on the brick motif of the kitchen walls, the dining room looks like a contemporary, stylish setting for holding quiet dinners and small gatherings with friends. You can see where the unusual floor of the living room ends and the earthy dining room and kitchen floor begins, transporting visitors into a completely new world.

If you’re a fan of custom patterns and designs, you’ll love the work our team put into styling the walls around the dining room – we can guarantee that you won’t be able to find such a design anywhere else! One of our specialties, our renovation team loves fulfilling custom design requests because it really allows us to showcase a brand new work of art. Although custom lights and a dining table may ramp up your renovation bills slightly more, they are well worth the cost for a modern, clean look. Not everyone has the luxury of owning a maisonette, so you definitely deserve to splurge a little to give your home the aesthetics it deserves! 

On the whole, we think the design team made great use of limited space to fit in a dining table and fridge without making the room look squeezy, one of the biggest concerns that our new homeowners have. There’s even space for some full-length cabinets to frame the entrance to the dining room.

Hire The Best Renovation Company
Hire The Best Renovation Company

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Look No Further, Your Dream Home is Here! 

Enjoyed the maisonette renovation done by our in-house design team at Posh Living? We are more than happy to assist you in renovating your home. Posh Living has been creating new homes for years and serving thousands of satisfied customers. Our passion is to realise every single client’s dream home, right down to their exact specifications. Whether you already know exactly what you want your house to look like, or are still looking for some ideas, get in touch with us today for a free quote! We’d love to hear from you.

Living Room

From the moment you step through the main door, you can tell that this maisonette was designed to be homely yet stylish. The warm, pastel palette gives off a hint of comfort and security. Ample sofas adorned with cushions are an inviting temptation. The house feels like a world on its own, closed off to the bustle of busy Singapore, yet with a faint taste of the world outside through filtered blinds. Soft, warm light reflects off a pristine glass surface on the coffee table. In many ways, the living room feels like a safe haven you can walk home into every day.

The centre piece of the room is perhaps the unique fixture overhead, expertly framed by soft indirect lighting that gives the room a modern, elegant style. What’s more, the intrinsic crown moulding on the ceiling does a great job in making the living room appear larger than it actually is, as do the bright-coloured walls. For a notch of contrast from the whites, earthy tones from the floor, carpet and coffee table bring out an organic quality throughout the home. With contemporary blinds covering the windows, there is enough natural light coming in to liven up the room yet give the home a secluded, private feel.

To the side of the living room, a simple black upright piano rests against the wall. Are you picturing calming evening music to serenade some lazy lounging on the sofa? That’s the mood our designers were going for.

Since the living room is the first thing any visitor will see, plenty of our clients tell us that they are keen on putting extra into their living room. What better way is there to impress your friends and family? Well, you may have to prepare yourself for a heavier price tag on your maisonette renovation in Singapore, since coming up with a grand design for your living room tends to set a high bar for the rest of the home. Does the rest of this home live up to one’s expectations? Let’s take a look. 


Carpeted by a soft parquet floor, the kitchen certainly does not disappoint. The wood tones are a pleasant, natural touch, complementing the black countertop atop flawless white cabinets, as well as the wooden utensils on the countertop. It may be a little more of a walk to get to the fridge, but at least there is easy access from the dining room. Who says you can’t have a classic brick-themed wall and still retain a timeless, modern look in your kitchen? This is one kitchen that would do any master chef justice. Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or more of a microwave warrior, you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the bespoke design of this classic kitchen – familiar enough to feel homely, yet with its own touch of uniqueness. 

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