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Cabinetry is essential for all kitchens. That's where all your utensils and ingredients will go. Knowing how much of it will actually be required to fulfill your needs is a good way to plan your next interior designing venture. Ample storage will help you reduce clutter and make things organized and easily accessible.

​When it comes to storage, there are many choices. You can go with open shelves, cabinetry, and counters to suit varying needs.


Function or Aesthetic - You Decide

Types of Materials and Colors

When it comes to landed property interior design in Singapore, locals demand resort-like settings. Such settings incorporate a homely and welcoming vibe that anyone can become a fan of!

​When going for a resort-like design, the first thing you must consider is the tone. You need to determine if you want a Mediterranean, colonial, or any other type of style. This will set the mood for the setting and inspire a vacation-like vibe.

​Besides, you need to add accent pieces such as lamps and paintings to harmonize the setting. This will make your place come more alive, without overdoing it.

​Moreover, adding chandeliers with soft and kind lights is an essential part of the job. Lighting will help complete the desired look while also magnifying the focal points for a top-quality natural outlook.

Kitchens and living spaces are the hearts of any household. All the incredible cuisines come from the kitchen, while all the amazing memories are made in the living spaces. For these reasons, these places deserve special treatment! And one of the ways to do that is through interior designing solutions!

​This blog article focuses on unique and modern ways to go along with designing kitchens and living spaces.


With BTO renovation Singapore houses can receive a massive overhaul in terms of aesthetics and looks. While renovating your kitchen, you must know how you will use it. For instance, if you are a single person, chances are you may not require a large amount of storage, and you can be okay with a closed kitchen. However, if you have a family and like to interact while cooking, you will need more ample storage alongside an open kitchen to mingle with everyone.

​Knowing if you would want to eat food in your kitchen also helps design key aspects of it. Eating in the kitchen means you will have to incorporate a place for a shelf or table. Similarly, identifying if you need privacy while cooking will shape up the kitchen’s design. Besides, knowing if you want to allocate your kitchen space for different tasks, including washing and food preparing will conclude how it ends up looking.

Moreover, identifying your budget also makes it easier to handpick a solution. If you have a large budget, you can go with high-quality materials and custom installation to make your place look exactly how you want it to be. However, if you relatively have a tighter budget, you may have to settle for substance over beauty and make it more functional.

Interior designing has been in the world for countless years now! From architectural masterpieces we love to structural giants we imagine, interiors are the hearts of such glorious buildings. Even centuries ago, people adhered to stunning interior details, evident from the kingdoms that housed royal families. Over the years, the way we imagine this field has changed. Earlier it used to be something that house owners themselves liked to do; for instance, they would add certain decorative pieces to act as accents. However, in this day and age, there are special teams and companies who do it!

BTO Renovation Singapore

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Function or Aesthetic

Landed Property interior Design Singapore

If you go into the market today, you can easily lose your mind over the number of available material and color choices. The thing to consider when it comes to materials is durability. You can choose just about any type of wood with your desired finish and style. However, always ensure that the material can last you for the next decade or so.

​Besides, color is another key aspect of a kitchen renovation. You should opt for a color scheme that can match the overall style of your home and not look out-of-place.

Kitchen and Living Spaces?

How can you Design your Kitchen and Living Spaces?

If you are a professional cook, chances are you may prioritize function over aesthetics - you would want a kitchen where you can get everything done rather than one that merely looks good. 

​Creating the right blend of these aspects is essential when planning your outlook after renovation. Adequate ventilation is also a part of the function as smells can become unbearable. Ventilations also give smoke and heat an easy way out. Therefore, you should always design a kitchen that looks beautiful and doesn't hamper your productivity.