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Expand the Bathroom Size

Of course, one of the most straightforward fixes would be to expand the area of your bathroom. When it comes to expanding your bathroom size, you have two options, the first of which is to expand your bathroom’s floor area outwards. The HDB renovation rules allow for an extension of at most 0.6 square metres in size. Although this is not much, it does allow for a little more room which can be used to place a sink or a cupboard – definitely a relief for the smallest bathrooms that really coop you up.

Another option would be to combine this bathroom with an adjacent bathroom, if any. In addition to doubling the space of your bathroom, you can also have two doors to it – one for each room, making the bathroom accessible from either direction.

Of course, always be sure to check with the renovation regulations for your particular flat before you go ahead and arrange any changes, as not every unit will have these options. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to renovating your HDB!

Use the Walls

Instead of placing your appliances and fixtures on the floor, one great way to free up more space is to install them into the wall instead. For instance, you could go with storage shelves built into the non-functional walls. This not only saves you space, it also makes your bathroom look bigger than it is because the walls appear to be further away.

You can also try installing the wash basin and cupboard into the wall instead of the floor. This helps to free up some floor space, making your bathroom seem larger. As an added bonus, it makes your bathroom much easier to clean and less likely to collect dirt without anything obstructing the floor!

Another fixture that can take up a lot of space is your bathroom door. If you find the door obstructing too much space when it is open, try going for a sliding door, folding door or even one that slides into the wall. This way, you do not have to worry about the space the door will take up when it swings open, potentially allowing for more fixtures or standing room to be placed there.

Shop Small

Go for compact fixtures as much as possible. If you have always dreamed of having a bathtub in your bathroom, you may find your options drastically limited with a small bathroom – but it is definitely possible even so. One way to save space is to get a compact shower and bathtub in one, where the bathtub takes up the same space as a typical standalone shower would, just that the bathtub also incorporates a shower.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your shower area and bathtub separated, you could give a corner tub or a Japanese ofuro a try. These tubs are typically smaller than your standard bathtub, but they still allow for a relaxing warm bath while also saving enough space for a standalone shower area beside.

Use Light Aesthetics

At some point, we can only do so much to increase the actual available space of your bathroom. The key to making your bathroom look even larger is to incorporate light-reflecting elements that give off the illusion of a spacious room. As such, we recommend using a light and cool colour scheme, which increases the amount of light reflected off the surfaces of your bathroom and making it appear larger.

Incorporating windows into your bathroom can also do wonders in making it look more spacious. Even the largest bathroom can feel claustrophobic if it has no windows or natural light coming in. If possible, replace the standard HDB bathroom windows with frosted glass panes, which allow more light to enter the bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom can be a lot of work, especially for new homeowners. For the best results, entrust your bathroom renovation to us and enjoy its new timeless design. With
the best HDB interior design in Singapore, you can recreate the look and feel of a luxury suite without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a free quote!

How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms – all of us use them, typically multiple times a day. Some of us even spend hours in them at a time. In any case, a spacious bathroom has long been something to be desired. However, with the newer flats shrinking in size, the average bathroom size has also been going down. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who landed a great deal for a new HDB except for its bathroom size, then read on to find out how you can make the most of even the tiniest bathroom, all while remaining safely within your budget for HDB renovation in Singapore.

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