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Making your house look personalized and just the way you want is a dream for many owners. Interiors spark inspiration for you to be happy and content. After all the hard work that goes into building the structure of a home, interior designing is a no-brainer. Today, there are countless options in this realm, covering everything from traditional to modern outlooks. Thus, there is something for everyone!

The Gallery walkway is one of the most loved interior design solutions. It is relatively an anomaly for many house owners. This solution focuses on two integral aspects of the field; aesthetics and storage.

​With this solution, we change any alley leading to your living room into a gallery walkway. We use open shelves and modern storage compartments to house your antique or decorative pieces. Putting your favorite action figures is also another way to perceive it. With this, you can express your love for different types of decor pieces and make your house look beautiful.

If you like to consider yourself a Minimalist, Minimal Glory is a top interior design choice. It focuses on keeping things simple and subtle with clean lines, well-presented forms, and subtle finishes. Our touch on it includes textures. Unlike other companies, we use primary and neutral colors to make things stand out.

​By choosing us for home renovation Singapore locals can incorporate all sorts of interior design options in their homes. Our expertise and experience allow us to do intricate jobs with precision, making all your dreams come true. We believe that none of your imaginative juices should be left worthless. This is why we are always ready to step up and bring our imagination to reality.

Interior Designs to Live for!

Many house owners have passions for different types of decor items. These can be antique or modern, playful or classy. One of the ways to imagine interiors is by expressing that passion. Extensive open shelves are an excellent way to incorporate a touch of modernism and grace into your living rooms. You can showcase your love while also creating a rich aesthetic appeal that will win you thousands of compliments.

In this write-up, we will go through some modern and aesthetically pleasing interior designs that you can incorporate into your home.

Best HDB Interior Design Singapore

If you want to move away from conventions, our Love For Concrete is the way to go. This solution focuses on an industrial and robust outlook that can blend well with your setting and look unique. All your walls, cabinets, and wardrobes are textured to make things look raw and natural. The floor is kept in the dark wooden shade to harmonize the look and keep things away from monotony. 

House renovation isn't just constricted to replacing storage compartments and adding a new coat of paint! We ask our customers for specific demands and requirements before initiating the process. This means you can transform your existing place with a traditional outlook into a modern overhaul and vice versa. None of your dreams shall remain dreams!

Open Shelves

Going out of the box, we take everything from the walls to ceilings and curve them. Couple this with a light grey shade of paint, and your house will look almost divine. This gives an endless feel to your setting, with everything melting into another.

A Curvature Masterpiece

Love For Concrete

Geometric lines and edges are what you are expected to see every day! But what if you could take those same straight lines and bend them into endless curves!? Well, our Curvature masterpiece does precisely that! Type your paragraph here.

Greyish Class

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Interior designing, today, is so much more than just decorations. It's a way to express your preferences and architectural likings! With countless design choices, you can add details in your space that equate to a better and enhanced lifestyle. One of the primary goals of interior design is to utilize any space for maximum convenience and transform its details as per your imagination.

Minimal Glory


What tops our list for the best HDB interior design Singapore loves is what we call ‘Greyish Class. ‘This modern and aesthetically futuristic interior solution focuses on different shades of grey that dominate your space in some places and add accents in others. 

​With a combination of dark and light, we create a masterpiece of contrasty details. In your living room, we paint the walls in light and leave your TV console in a relatively darker shade. Coupled with this are black sofas that look stunning during day and night. 

​The entire color scheme is consistent throughout the house. In your bedroom, we use wooden textures as accents for your wardrobes and bed. Carrying on with the kitchen, light greys are dominant on the wall, while certain appliances are picked in black to render a timeless look.

Gallery Walkway

House Renovation Singapore

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