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It is also key to consider how much maintenance you would be willing to do to keep your walls and floor looking spick and span. Wood can give your rooms that rustic feel, while planter walls brings a touch of greenery and nature, but they both require decent upkeep. It is up to whether you feel that their unique look is worth the trouble.

Houses with smaller windows tend to be darker and less inviting than a house with more natural light. Including larger windows and even a skylight will help to let natural light in, giving the house a brighter and more cheerful feel. However, more sunlight also means more heat during the day, as well as more UV rays entering your home. If your house receives plenty of sun, you may want to consider installing window panes made of heat-protective materials. One option would be to go for non-tinted window panes coated with solar films that offer UV protection. This way, you’ll still be able to get as much sunlight as you would any other clear window pane, but there would also be less heat and fewer UV rays entering the house.

Basic Necessities

Parts of a Landed Property You Should Absolutely Renovate

The material of your staircases would be another factor to keep in mind. While a fair number of staircases are made of concrete, a full concrete staircase tends to be rather heavy. This may pose a problem if the material weighs down your house’s structure too much. Alternatively, you may also be going for a more modern look. One great option would be to use light metal planks for the steps, which are considerably lighter and also give a contemporary feel to the house.

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It is important not to rush the hdb bto renovation process to make sure the basic things do not get overlooked. A complete renovation could take at least six to eight months, so be prepared to wait it out. If you are on a tight budget, always make sure to get these building blocks right before considering any of the interior design aspects.

One of the last – but not least – aspects to consider is ventilation. A well-ventilated house makes for a more welcoming environment than one that is stuffy and dank. Even if you plan on air-conditioning the whole house, adding plenty of spaces for natural ventilation is both more appealing to visitors as well as potential homebuyers. If your house may tend to feel too hot and stuffy, you might want to look into additional measures to keep the heat away, such as installing a turbine on the roof.

Windows and Shades


Parts of a Landed Property

Walls and Floors

You probably wouldn’t want to live in a bare-walled and bare-floored house, so giving its walls and floors a good finish is almost always a guaranteed. However, the materials you choose can give your home a very different feel. For instance, going for solid marble gives your house an air of sophistication and affluence, while plaster and paint is reminiscent of a conventional, minimalist home.

Few in number yet high in demand, a landed property is one of the most coveted accommodations one could want in Singapore. Once you get your hands on one, the next exciting thing to follow is renovating it to achieve the look you want! Since you own the plot of land on which your house sits, there are much fewer restrictions as to the extent of renovation works you can perform on your home, as opposed to renovating an HDB or condo apartment. If you are planning on a major renovation, this also means you’ll have more on your plate than a typical apartment renovation would require. This makes choosing the right interior design services in Singapore more important than ever.

Staircases and Upper Floors

One exciting aspect of a landed house is the ability to add upper floors or perhaps a basement. However, there are some architectural principles that need to be adhered to, or your house could potentially collapse if it is not structurally sound. It is imperative to make sure that all additional floors have sufficient support from the existing beams and columns. Additionally, it may not be possible to simply place a staircase anywhere you like it – the position of the floor above would indicate where the staircase can be. Depending on the available space, you may be restricted to building either a spiral or a regular staircase.

Many new homeowners may immediately jump to coming up with landed property interior design ideas, but buying a landed property does not necessarily mean that it comes with all the basic necessities – think running water, electricity, waterproofing and soundproofing. If you are building your house from the ground up, it is important to take note of how these are going to fit into your home. For instance, neglecting to properly waterproof your house might mean waking up to a living room flooded with rainwater after a stormy night – a situation that certainly nobody would want to find themselves in, as it would have damaged the interior of the house as well.