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The popularity of open-concept houses is huge and will last for a very long time. By knocking down walls, you may open up your space and designate it as an open place.

Wooden beams and other original elements of your property can be preserved while the walls and other obstructions that give the room a claustrophobic appearance and feel are taken down.

Most purchasers in the current market choose open-concept floor designs with spacious kitchens.


You may improve your kitchen in a variety of ways and drastically alter the atmosphere of your house. As the kitchen is the center of the house, either a huge update or a little makeover may considerably increase your home's selling value.

These are some upgrades and adjustments you may do to raise the value of your home:

  • The floor designs of older kitchens frequently cannot accommodate the contemporary advances and technologies of today. To get the best HDB 4 room resale renovation, make your floor layout as basic and open as you can. Design the area with a decent flow in mind to ensure that your new kitchen runs smoothly.
  • Contemplate installing marble floors in place of outdated tiles. The gleam and glitter of marble flooring lend an air of grandeur. Potential purchasers may fall in love with the room after this straightforward renovation.
  • Improve the backsplash in your kitchen. To give your kitchen an updated, modern design, remove your old tiles and install subway tiles. Modernizing your backsplash may significantly improve the aesthetic of your kitchen as a whole.


Another option that is likely to provide you with a fantastic return on a relatively minor investment is painting the inside and outside of your home. If you employ a competent painter, you may certainly considerably improve both the exterior attractiveness and the inside appearance for a cost in the low thousands.


Modern bathrooms are always a buyer's favorite. Plumbing fittings, fresh surfaces, and double vanities are examples of affordable renovations. Updating the flooring and getting new bathtubs and showers may also have a big impact. Increase the amount of storage you have, install new lighting or even opulent but inexpensive additions like heated towel bars and radiant heat floors.


Hardwood, tiles, or laminate flooring can be installed in place of worn-out carpets to increase the market value of your home. These choices are preferred by buyers over carpeting. In terms of resale returns, hardwood may also provide good value, but often only if your house is at the top of the market. Laminate flooring is a solid investment for the typical home since it is long-lasting, affordable, and low maintenance.

As condominiums are private properties, each developer has its guidelines regarding the kind of improvements that are permitted. As a result, before making any ideas for your condo's interior design, it is crucial to review the rules. 

This factor could put off some people if they think the rules are too stringent to allow them to create an exclusive property that suits their preferences. This isn't always the case, though. Even apartments with the toughest rules may still be made into works of art with the appropriate condo interior design in Singapore.


Updating your lighting fixtures to create ambience and well-lit areas is another cost-effective way to make your 4 or 5-room HDB more hospitable and practical. Choose styles that are appropriate, such as dramatic chandeliers for dining areas or understated recessed ceiling lights for hallways and living spaces.

Condominiums may be more expensive than standard HDB apartments, but the good news is that renovation costs will usually be lower. A brand-new condo unit comes with many of the fundamental fixtures already installed, and it could even include flooring. By doing this, you may save some money, focus on finishing the necessities, and have more money and space for resale interior renovation.

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Your home will become more lovely, useful, and livable after modifications. If you want to sell your house, it can also increase its market value. You must also take expenditures and returns into account. Making wiser remodeling choices is crucial since you don't want to overpay for improvements that don't bring in a good return when it's time to sell.

We think that thoughtful planning and design affect how much energy a room emits overall. We think that spaces are active environments that improve people's quality of life rather than passive bystanders.

Posh Living is a reputable interior design company in Singapore that specializes in imaginative and expert HDB 5 room resale renovation and construction. We are your home stylist because we are more than simply an interior design firm.

Here are the top eight home improvement suggestions for raising property value, along with some helpful advice on how to stay within budget.