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The Fundamentals of an HDB Interior Design:

​​1. Space:

Space is primarily everything that we get as an HDB, and later on, we convert it into a living space through HDB interior design Singapore and HDB renovation Singapore. So space is the first thing that we need to consider for the perfect interior design.

In an HDB or any living space, the space is divided into two parts. The first is positive space, and the second is negative space.

Positive space is the space you use to cover up with your material, and negative space is you leave empty. The science is that you strike a balance between the two.

If your negative outweighs your positive space, your HDB will look empty, and if the positive space outweighs the negative space, your HDB will look stuffed.

A general formula is that if you have enough space in the room but not enough stuff, you create more negative space between the objects, filling up your room.

Similarly, if the stuff is more than the space, try to put it all together to have enough empty space, which will make your HDB look spacious.

2. Symmetry:

It is in human nature that to look for a balance and make things uniform, and we look for the same in an HDB interior design.

It might be a little technical to understand, but you will get it quickly. A good HDB renovation Singapore focuses on creating symmetry and harmony by creating a balance of horizontal and vertical lines.

Horizontal lines are those that go across your horizontal furniture, and vertical lines are those that go along vertical furniture. These lines drive the attention in the direction they travel. So, for example, if you have a tall cupboard in your HDB, it will direct your attention upwards.

The trick is to create a balance of horizontal and vertical furniture in your HDB. You can also use it to mask the flaws of your room.

For example, if the room is too long, you can increase the number of vertical furniture, and if the room is too short, you can increase the number of horizontal furniture.

Similarly, if your room is too large, you can use more vertical furniture, whereas more horizontal furniture can mask the extra height of your ceiling.​

3. Light:

Light is the most fundamental point after space as it enables us to see and determines how things will appear to us. Creating a balance with the light is as vital as it is for space.

If your room is too dark, it will look congested and suffocating, whereas it will be uncomfortable and intimidating if it is too bright. To strike a nice balance, you should create a balance on natural and artificial lights.

You should use as much natural light as you can and use enough bright lights at the spots where there is no natural light. Similarly, you should always view lighting in a combination.

For example, while choosing an artificial light for one room, always considering it with a combination of the light coming in from the other room.

Moreover, natural light is something that cannot be controlled, so you should always have a mechanism to handle it. You should have curtains, blinders, and window panes if there is too much natural light.

Similarly, you should have accent lights for the days there is less natural light.For the artificial lights, you get the dimmers, so it should not be a problem to control them.

4.  Color:

Now that we have gotten the basics of your HDB renovation Singapore right, it is time to work on the mood.

To have the right vibe in your HDB interior design Singapore, you need to balance the colors you use. For example, using one color will make your HDB monotonous, and using too many colors will not let any color do its work.

The ideal is to set a color scheme of two colors for the wall paints and two for the furniture and other objects. This way, you will have four colors in your room which will neither be too less nor too much.

The colors should not be balanced in terms of the space they cover, and it is actually recommended to create contrasts and accents. But one thing that one must be mindful of is that the combination of colors should compliment each other and be balanced together.

For example, one bright and one dull color is a good combination, but both bright or both colors will kill the appeal of both.

5. Pattern and Texture:

Lastly, it is time to cover up the feel of your HDB interior design Singapore. Just like color, if all the surfaces of your HDB are alike, it will make it monotonous, and if everything is symmetrical, it will make it artificial.

The science is that you use ample patterns and textures for your HDB renovation Singapore. You can use decoration items, wall hangings, paintings, and miscellaneous objects for it but make sure that everything has a distinct identity of its own.

It should all look balanced together, and one should compliment the other.​​

The Secret Science Behind the Art of HDB Interior Design

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Art of HDB Interior Design

​​​​It is true that HDB interior design Singapore is an art. And like every other art, it has complete creative liberty and no set rule for it. One can do his HDB renovation Singapore as he pleases, and it is perfect as long as he gets the desired result.

But not having any rules does not mean there are no don'ts for an interior design. A good interior design art always has an underlying science to it, and not considering it can mess the rest of the science of your HDB.

It can disrupt the geometry, symmetry, and architecture of your building and can do more good than bad to the look of your house.

This blog will reveal the secret science behind the art of HDB interior design Singapore and discuss the points that can quickly turn your
HDB renovation Singapore into a disaster.